No Earbuds and Charger With iPhone 12?

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 1, 2020

It may be because of budget-cut or environmental reasons!

Source- Teller report

There is nothing much to get in the box of the latest iPhone apart from the handset itself. Apple analyst, Ming-Chi claims that the latest addition to the iPhone series won’t include earbuds and power adapter in the box. You may just get a charging cable – yes and that’s it!

There are rumors that there would be a more powerful 20W charger, but you will need to buy it separately as it may not come with the handset.

This rumor has already brought outrage among tech bloggers and just like you, they are saying “that’s sound like a bad, user-hostile thing to do.”

Barclay’s analysts also think that the company would not attach a charger in this year’s iPhone.

As the rumor got out, many analysts are debating the reasons behind the company’s huge decision. Some believe that this would be a way to cut the budget and neutralize the higher cost of including 5G wireless technology. Others believe that the decision is more for an eco-friendly hook.

Venture capitalist MG Sieger has pointed out four possible reasons for pulling the charger out of the box, he says that Apple might have come to this decision for high shipping costs, margins, a future transition to no-port iPhone, and the environment.

As far as the environmental factor is concerned, many environmental activists have been arguing that additional chargers with new handsets are simply a waste when people already have their chargers from their previous devices. The alternate way to top up their batteries is through computers. Well, perhaps the decision won’t be much of a comfort for those who really need an adapter, but it may result in fewer wall warts occupying landfills.

Seems like Apple is making the current move for merely selfish intentions, taking the same hefty amount but offering less to the customers. And if you don’t have an existing iPhone charger (especially those who want to switch from Android to iOS) you have to buy a new one. Also, don’t forget, iPhone original chargers don’t come at cheap prices.

Updated July 1, 2020
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