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  • POSTED ON: July 23, 2020

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Would you like an idea of saving hundreds of dollars while shopping online? Well, who doesn’t!

Being a frugalista myself who takes out heaps of coupons to save a few cents on rubber bands, I do actually love the idea of saving hundreds of dollars on online items– only if the savings are automated and I don’t have to dig into the coupons to add in the shopping cart.

Who says that shopping and saving do not go side by side! Well, Amazon Assistance has made online shopping and saving a whole lot easier. It allows you to keep track of the better deals by comparing the prices between different retailers while shopping online.

Here’s how you can install and have maximum benefit from it:

How does Amazon Assistance work?

While shopping online, if you find a product on a retailer’s website like Walmart, Amazon Assistance will promptly look for better deals of the same product available at a lesser price.

The job isn’t done here!

Amazon’s 30 Day Price tracker will let you know the variants in prices over the past month and mark the lowest price deal of the product you search online.

Amazon Assistant also has a feature called Amazon Lists that allow you to add products whenever you use the web and make the purchase later at ease.

Android users can also develop the app from Google Play store. The app is also compatible with all the browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

How to install Amazon Assistance?

Installing Amazon Assistance on android devices is a piece of cake; you only have to download the app directly from Google Play Store. But adding it to the different browsers can be a bit troublesome. But don’t worry, we are here to help!

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the browser of your choice, either on a Mac or PC, and open the Amazon Assistant Homepage.

2. The access link may look different, depending on the browser you use. If you’re using Chrome, you may see a yellow installation button in the middle of the page. Select the correct link in your browser.

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3. You can also refer to the complete lists of extensions through a non-compatible browser like Safari.

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4. The link will redirect you to the extension store page of your browser. Select “Add to Chrome” or whatever the browser you’re using.

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5. You may be asked to allow Amazon to install the add-on if you’re using a Firefox browser. Permit the download to initiate the installation process.

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6. The next step involves the confirmation to add the extension on your current browser.

7. Once you authorize the extension, you may be redirected to the Amazon Assistant homepage to begin using the shopping application.

8. Click on the small blue-green “a” on the top-right corner of your browser, to start using the Amazon Assistant.

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9. The option may not pop up automatically, depending on the customize browser’s settings. However, you can activate it through exploring the options in your browser’s extensions menu. 

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How to use Amazon Assistance Page?

When you search a product online or shopping on a different retailer, Amazon Assistant will create a pop up at the right side of your browser, displaying a better deal with less price on Amazon, attaching a link along with it.

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Click the Assistant extension button to add the product in your personalized Amazon List. The product will add into the Assistant window, where you can click on the “add to shopping list” to proceed the process. 

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You can excess to the added list of products by merely scrolling through Amazon Assistance. The hyperlink attached with a product will help you to redirect to the product page in a new browser window.

So, are you ready for the next shopping spree?

Updated July 23, 2020
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