OnePlus 8 Pro offers an accidental X-ray vision filter to see through plastic and clothes

  • POSTED ON: May 16, 2020

One Plus released a set of smartphones earlier this year and claimed to have the best cameras with wide angles. However, the company did not even realize that the phone contains a spy-movie feature that allows the users to see images similar to the X-Ray vision.

The new One Plus 8 Pro contains infrared sensors and you can use them to see through a small subset of black materials.
If you have the model and want to see what we are talking about, then simply go to your camera app, swipe over to the Photochrom color filter, and point it at some black objects.

Now you might not see it working with all the objects around you so do not be disappointed if you are unable to see the results in the first try. It shows the Xray version of very thin plastics so, use it on TV remotes or clothes.

Source: Twitter

The video of this feature went viral when a Twitter user Ben Geskin shared the magical process through his account.

This feature was not known previously so how does it work and what does the company have to say about it? Well, several news agencies reached out to One Plus but the spokesperson has refused to comment on the issue.

So far, we know that the phone contains infrared sensors and emits radiations that you cannot see with your naked eye.
Recently, all smartphone companies have started to include Infrared radiation in the models. In fact, we found out that One Plus 8 Pro is not the only phone capable of it. iPhone cameras also contain infrared light that is used to scan your facial features for FaceID and an app developer, Guilherme Rambo hijacked the phone to demonstrate the process.

Source: Twitter

However, while the feature may sound cool and give you some serious Mission Impossible vibes, there are obvious questions of privacy attached to it. For instance, if it can see through clothing, then most users would not be willing to buy the phone.

Tech experts believe that if the issue escalates, One Plus will have to solve it by sending a software update to the models. In the 1990s, Sony faced a similar scandal as its camcorder had a night vision feature that could see through clothes and plastic so the company had to update the devices.

Updated May 16, 2020
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