OnePlus is Coming Up With Faster Wireless Charging

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  • POSTED ON: April 8, 2020

Last week, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed some crucial information about his “ultra flagship” phone which we already know will be the OnePlus 8 Pro. He said that the phone will support wireless charging which would become the first model for OnePlus to do so. It sounds pretty impressive as the phone would receive almost 50 percent charging in just 30 minutes.

Source: Tech Advisor

OnePlus’ charging system will operate at 30 W at its peak speed which is more efficient than the other wireless chargers in the market like those of Samsung or iPhone. Many Chinese companies are now improving the speed of the chargers as Xiaomi has released a 30W wireless charging stand. Similarly, Oppo that is closely tied with OnePlus will soon be announcing a phone that has 40W wireless charging.

Even though Lau says that the charging port is open for licensing, initially it would be available for OnePlus models only. The company has still not revealed the price for the charger but with the increased speed, it is quite obvious that it would cross the average amount for wireless stands.

“The cost of materials is certainly higher than what we could expect for most traditional Qi chargers,” Lau says, “but we’ve done what we can to make the price of the charger as reasonable as possible.” 

Source: Android Authority

Furthermore, Lau says that before now, “the issue of [charging speed] not being up to the expectation that we have with wired charging” is the reason why wireless charging in the phone was not included. Making the voltage go up to 30W is a good solution for this issue but creates another one that comes with more power: Heat.

Now the company has provided two ways to solve the problem of excess heat. First is the traditional use of a fan on the wireless charger itself as it is quite common for the equipment to come with one. However, this one would be doing additional work and Lau says that it could get as loud as 30db which is high enough to annoy most of us. The fan will come with a night mode so you don’t have to hear the noise while you are sleeping and the speed of the charger will get lower than the usual 30W.

Source; The Verge

However, the primary setup for the charging speed to reach 30W is done by changing around the traditional Amps x Volts = Watts equation. So, in this case, the voltage has been increased to 20 V (with amps at 1.5) which is much higher than normal or wireless charging. Inside the phone itself, there are “isolated charge pumps” wire in a series that can sufficiently decrease the voltage back down to something safe to provide to the battery.

One of the most important features of the whole system is that the phone and the chargers are in communication about the charge rate. So if your charger gets too hot while charging, it can automatically reduce its output to dissipate the heat.

The 8 series phone along with the charger will be released on April 14th and due to coronavirus, the event will only be held online.

Updated April 8, 2020
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