PS5 preorders began a day early, and so far, they’re a mess

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 18, 2020

Sony was confident
during its presentation on Wednesday – it revealed the long-awaited price and
release date of PS5. However, it made a mistake as it didn’t tell the buyers
where to buy it from. After a long pause, Sony posted a tweet to make things
clear. The preorders will start from the 17th of September, said the
brand – but in an hour to two the chaos started to reoccur.

Basically, gamers all
over the world got really excited and rushed to place their orders. However,
the links that they were provided with were either broken or page time outs.
Some of the US and the UK customers even got a proper link but they were met
with disappointment as the product was out of stock.

In addition to this,
the retailers jumped on the bandwagon and opened the floodgates a day early.
Due to this reason, some buyers swooped in to grab the latest Sony PS5! This is
not it – some even rushed to the nearby stores to lock their preorders while
others searched on Walmart’s listings of both PS5s! 

A couple of minutes
later, GameStop issued a press release and claimed to have PS5 available online
– when it actually didn’t. Soon, the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition were available
on Best Buy ad Target! By this time, GameStop had finally put up the real
listings that included PS5 and PS5 Digital. However, this time, many US buyers
were blocked for some strange reason.

Many websites flickered
listings that were in and out of stock and some even showed errors when the
buyers added products to their cart. All in all, the whole situation was a

Now, Walmart and Target
are actually canceling some successful preorders. To ensure successful order
placement, you not only have to be on time, but you also must continuously
refresh the page to get the product in your cart. And oh,your typing speed will
be put to test, too!  Thus, make sure
that you type out your payment info with Flash-like speed, because your order
can still get swept away by other buyers – all thanks to their typing

Also, you should know
that even if you manage to place the order successfully, chances are that they
won’t arrive exactly on the day of the launch.

If you buy the product
from GameStop, you will have to go in person to receive it. Also, the down
payment for PS5 is $50 at the retailer, but again, you can pay through other
means as well. For example, there’s a “rent-to-own” payment system at GameStop
that allows gamers to pay the entire amount in a year.

Anyway, it’s not like
Sony didn’t warn us – it did mention that there’s a high
demand and low supply. We’re certainly hoping that the PS5 Digital we purchased
comes before the launch! Did you preorder your PS5 yet? 

Updated September 18, 2020
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