Revealing Shocking PS5 Deals on and After Black Friday 2020!

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  • POSTED ON: November 28, 2020

While the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc on every single
holiday, event, and even regular days in 2020, the Black Friday shopping season
is still in full swing especially when it comes to PS5 deal or GameStop new PlayStation 5 (Thankfully)!

Truth be told, we all were desperately waiting for Black
Friday Sale event so we could spend the money we’ve saved from transport,
dining out, travelling and all the things we’ve NOT been doing this year.

Since the chilly season brings along a surge in coronavirus
cases, online shopping with home delivery services or contactless curbside
pickup is probably the best options for shopaholics this year!

Thanks to online retailers; there are less queues outside
stores, with no causalities and fights reported so far! Shoppers are now
comfortably sitting at their homes, and benefiting from the countless black
Friday deals happening online.

All in all, it’s a pretty good situation out there!

When you’re done being grateful for all the things at the Thanksgiving
table, we’ve one more thing that you’ll definitely be thankful about!

Calling all the gamer folks out there, because one of the
most sought-after gaming hardware, PS5, is in for a treat at Black Friday sale
with impressive packages and big savings to expect this November.

The PlayStation 5 made its debut earlier this September, but
since the demand was so damn high, Sony’s latest console sold out within just a
few hours after its launch.

But not anymore!

PlayStation 5 retailers are offering spectacular deals and a
massive restock of the next-generation soles from Sony on their websites,
including its availability schedules, for prospective buyers to keep their eyes
on the hardware!

In addition to this, most of the PS5 deals come in full
package to complete your gaming experience!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for HIM on Christmas, or for
your kid, or maybe you want to treat yourself and enjoy a brand new experience
of gaming through Sony’s latest console, here are the list of e-stores you
should probably look at!

Fair warning: you had better be on your toes, as such deals may
quickly vanish in just a blink of an eye! So, stay alert, keep refreshing these
sites, and as soon as you get one, claim your prize!

Good luck!


The e-commerce giant Amazon is offering the PlayStation 5
and several of its bundles on its website. However, they did not reveal any
schedule or availability timeline of the PS5. As of now, they are running out
of stock. But since it’s a Black Friday weekend, Amazon will sure restock its
PS5 anytime soon. So keep visiting their website and use our PS5 tracker to
know more.

While you wait for Sony’s latest gaming hardware to restock
on the website, check out these amazing Amazon Black Friday Deals on PS5 games:

  • Assassin’s
    Creed Valhalla: was $60 now $47.99

Do you want to play like a Viking raiding villages,
pillaging the homes of your enemies, and living out Nordic war fantasies? If
yes, this is the game you should go for! 
The game is currently available at amazon in a solid Black Friday deal. Don’t forget to get the best game device!

  • Godfall:
    was $69.99 now $59

Set in a high-fantasy world, Godfall is a looter-slasher
game that allows you to combat and play with some cool swords. What more do you
want? The game is currently on sale for $59 at Amazon.

  • Watch
    Dogs Legion: was $60 now 29.99

Ubisoft’s passionate new open world adventure drives you on
the edge and lets you take control literally over anyone in a great sci-fi
setting of London. Get this game at $30 off at Amazon.

  • Mortal
    Kombat 11:

Mortal Kombat is arguably the most thrilling fighting games
of this era, now the Mortal Kombal 11: Aftermath Kollection has both the base
game a myriad of DLC. So, get your hands on this game for 24.99 on Amazon
before it runs out!

  • Cyberpunk
    2077: was $60 now $49.99

The most anticipated game of the decade, Cyberpunk 2077 is
finally available on Amazon, that too on sale. Grab it for $49.99 now! The game
also has a special PS5 upgrade patch coming for free on December 10th.
Pre-orders are also available on the website.

  • God of
    War: was $20 now $9.99

One of the most spectacular games on PS4, the latest version
of God of War features a mesmerizing Norse world to explore, visceral fight,
and a touching story. It’s currently available at a give-away deal on sale, and
plays even better on PS5. Grab it now before it gets swept away!

Please note that the prices may be subject to change.


Best Buy is the first retailer to make the PlayStation 5
available. Earlier this week, Best Buy assures potential buyers that they are
restocking enough stocks for the PlayStation 5 on the Black Friday sale event.
However, the retailer didn’t mention the specific timing for the PS5’s
availability. So, it’s advised that you closely monitor its website from time
to time.


GameStop is a gaming paradise where you can get anything to
satisfy your gaming appetite! This week, GameStop is offering PS5 restocks with
game bundles including “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “NBA 2K21.”

The game retailer is also giving Black Friday deals for the
Sony’s latest console. The retailer has specifically announced to restock PS5
on Friday, November 21. So, be on time and seal the deal!


If you want to purchase PS5 directly from the company’s
website, Sony has a lot of deals to offer. However, Sony is offering its latest
console more on a “pre-order” basis. So, it might take some time. As of now,
the company has closed their pre-orders and is going to open up its website for
another line on the PS5 sale soon enough.

However, if they restock this week, the first-ordered gamers
can expect early deliveries.


Walmart opens the Black Friday sale of the PS5, mentioning
the availability on Wednesday, November (4 pm PT; 6 pm CT; 7 pm ET). Sony’s
latest gaming console will only made available online and not in the stores.
The retailer has been really active when it comes to PS5 restocking and

Bookmark hayvine to learn more about Black Friday deals and sales
for PlayStation 5.

Happy shopping! 

Updated November 28, 2020
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