Ring’s Always Home Drone that flies around inside your house

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: September 26, 2020

Ring’s latest home security camera is a flying
vigilante — quite literally!

The latest Home Cam is an automatic drone that
flies inside your house to keep an eye on every room when you’re outside!

It means that you don’t have to install CCTV
cameras in each corner of your house.

When it gets low on battery, it automatically
lands on its charging dock to recharge and fly again… wow, why aren’t they
making smartphones with the same technology?!

Cost $249.99!

The expected cost of this home drone is about
$249.99 by the time its shipping starts next year.

Jamie Siminoff, “chief
inventor,” and Ring’s founder describes that the goal of the new Always Home Camera is to offer various
viewpoints covering every inch of the home without having to install multiple
cameras. The company has been working for two years tirelessly to develop this
latest gadget. He also added that the product was quite difficult to build.

The drone technology has advanced even further over
the past years, which helped them to make this product and achieve the
desired functionality.

Though it’s a full autonomous Home cam, owners can
still navigate it to where they want it to go. After getting hands on this device, the
owner has to come up with a map of their house that the drone will follow, which enables you to
guide it to special viewpoints in the kitchen or any bedroom.


Source: The Verge

You can also navigate the drone to the area where
the disturbance has been detected through the linked Ring Alarm system.

The charging dock disables the camera’s view, therefore the camera only functions when it is flying around. Ring claims that the drone
creates an audible noise when it’s recording the footage.

Ring says that the camera can be useful in so many
ways, from checking if the stove is left on or keeping an eye over your pet to
checking if a door is locked when you leave the home. It also has an obstacle
avoidance mechanism to prevent it from bumping into the walls or objects.

Worth to say this is by far Ring’s most promising
product yet, now let’s see if it actually works the same way as promised.
Though, you have to wait till the next year to figure this out…

Updated September 26, 2020
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