Samsung announces The Premiere, a luxurious projector

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 4, 2020

Samsung is back with
another launch and this time it is a high-end device meant for one and one thing
only: entertainment!

This new ultra-short throw 4K laser projector is known as The Premiere. If you wish to alternate the QLED TVs
that Samsung is known for, then this device is for you!

Samsung has been
working on creating a new Lifestyle TV lineup and this latest entrant is a perfect addition
to the list. This lineup includes The Serif, The Frame, The Sero, and The
Terrace. These products add functionality along with a personality to your living
room, which is why they’re such great collections.

This 4K short-throw laser projector can be placed right in front of a wall or screen, and Samsung
guarantees that it will give optimal results! This projector has some attractive features
like its usual powerful woofers and the Acoustic Beam virtual surround sound

Currently, there are two
models of The Premier. The first one is called LSP9T and it is a 130-inch
projector with the maximum brightness up to 2,800 ANSI lumens. You may also be
interested to know that it’s “the world’s first HDR10+ certified projector that
has triple laser technology.”

The next model is
called LSP7T and it covers up to 120-inch projection. Since this is a step-down
model, the rest of the features won’t match the brilliance of LSP10+ either.

However, the good news
is that both models support Smart TV technology and offer the complete package
of apps and services. They also support UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode, making
it the first-ever projector to do so!

The device is set to
release later this year to select countries. No fix price is decided yet but one
thing is for sure: it won’t be cheap!


Updated September 4, 2020
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