Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is Available For $1,449.99

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 23, 2020

Samsung has announced the release of Galaxy Z Flip phone with significant changes from its predecessor!

Starting from $1,449.99, this phone has upgraded its processor and added the Snapdragon 865 Plus. The significant changes comprise the 5G radios and a somewhat upgraded Snapdragon 865 Plus. Originally, the Galaxy Z Flip is considered to be the best folding phone coupled with the best designs and durability. However, it must be noted that the price is rather high-end.

However, Samsung was smart enough not to change the original formula – probably saving on the R&D department cost?

It was predicted that this phone would be released on 5th August, which is the same day Galaxy buds, Note 20 Ultra, and a bunch of other devices are being revealed. This event is surely going to grab the eyeballs of every tech junkie! However, Samsung either has bigger plans for the Flip phone or maybe it doesn’t want to take away the attention from Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung has teased that the formula would be the same as far as the external affairs are concerned. For example, the phone will arrive in two colours: Mystic Gray and Mystic Bronze. However, to give it a bit of a refresh, the “Mystic” here refers to a brand new and delicate “haze” finish to make it look soft and matte.

Apart from an upgraded processor, Samsung has made some additional changes to enhance the software. For instance: the Galaxy Z Flip 5G has a new “Flex mode” that allows software configuration on itself when the device is half-folded. Furthermore, the phone has additional angles for the camera, and YouTube will have its own Flex mode. Basically, an attempt has been made to make the device more robust and edgy.

Both carrier and locked versions of the phone will begin to ship from 7th August. You can purchase this new Galaxy Z Flip foldable phone, 5G version, from Best Buy, Amazon, and Samsung’s own website!

Updated July 23, 2020
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