Samsung’s Galaxy Book S Is Now Available For Purchase!

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  • POSTED ON: July 20, 2020

Samsung’s Galaxy Book S becomes the first-ever device to provide Intel’s latest “Core processors with Intel Hybrid Technology.” The previous Samsung models were run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform.

Basically, the new Intel processors are designed to cater to ultralight devices. We might get the chance to see Intel processors being used in Lenovo ThinkPad X1 and in Surface Neo. In a way, this is a clear-cut response to ARM.

If you want to know how such things work, then continue reading further.

Apparently Intel syndicates one effective core with other four less powerful cores – making it a total of five threads and five cores on a single die.

This permits the smaller devices, provide a multithread-capable structure that doesn’t require an extended battery life.

Intel has debuted two incredible 7W Lakefield chips already: the Core i3-L13G4 and Core i5-L16G7. Both chips are similar in architecture as they share the Ice Lake generation. Apart from this, they also comprise Intel’s Gen 11 integrated graphics along with the support for Wi-Fi 6.
The new Samsung Galaxy Book S can be used right away. It’s 0.7 inches in thickness and an especially designed Outdoor Mode to boost the screen’s brightness exceptionally. Furthermore, it has a 42Wh battery life and the US model works only on Wi-Fi, however, the LTE will soon be accessible in the market.

The prices begin at $949.99 and can be purchased from Best Buy and Samsung’s website.

Updated July 20, 2020
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