Sell These Items And Make Thousands Of Dollars Now!

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  • POSTED ON: July 14, 2020

You know what else is
cool apart from online purchasing? Selling things online and making lots of
money! What do you really have to do? That’s what I thought.

Here’s the list and you
know what you need to do! You’re welcome.

Game Boys

If you’re a 90s kid,
then chances are that you have these bad boys laying somewhere around the
house, and probably soaking in the dust. But what if I tell you that you can
actually sell them for $750? What if I tell you that it’s possible that if
they’re in good condition, you might even make up to $4,000! It’s ridiculous,
right? Well, make the most of this ridiculousness.

Antique Cookie Jar

Cookie jars from the 40s and 50s are real money-makers! You don’t believe me? Reyne Hirsch will back
us up, and you know what? She is PBS’ Antiques Roadshow evaluator! So, what’s
stopping you from hitting a jackpot?

Vintage Perfume Bottles

You must have heard
about fetishes related to perfumes and specific odors – but I bet that you’re hearing
about vintage perfume bottles for the first time, am I right? Well, believe it
or not, but perfume bottles from the late 19th and 18ths century
have a lot of admirers today. Apparently, one guy sold a bottle for $8,500!

VHS Tapes

Again, a product for
the 90s kid! There’s a high chance that you have a VHS collection lying around
your house and you know what, stop looking at it and start selling it! You can
really earn a fortune, trust me on that.

Vintage Band T-shirts

Well, I don’t know
about others, but if you’re selling vintage band t-shirts, chances are that I
might end up being your customer. You have no idea how much some people are
obsessed with those t-shirts. In reality, it reminds them of the good old days
when we’d jam from highway to hell (pun intended).

Christmas Ornaments

Some people are really
obsessed with Christmas, and dude, even I don’t understand why – but they are.
So, if you think that you have some ornaments lying around your house from your
childhood put it up online and you will never guess how much people are
willing to pay you for it.

Vintage Lunch Boxes

Didn’t we love opening
up the lunch boxes during the recess period and be surprised by the amazing food we
found in there? Well, those memories are ever gold! But you know what made them
so incredible? Those lunchboxes! Do you know that those items can be sold for
roughly $13,000! Yes, the rich are apparently obsessed with these boxes.

Pokémon Cards

Well, you can count me
in as a customer because these babies are what real wealth looks like. If
you’ve been a trader in the past, why not continue your business this pandemic
and make some actual money?

Old CDs

I will take full
offense if you think that CDs are ancient fossils. If you’re a true music
consumer, you’d have a bunch of CDs lying around the house. And look, if you
need to make some quick cash, this is the way to do it! Pick up Micheal Jackson
and Coldplay’s EP and make some easy cash online.

 Old Coins

Yes, you heard that
right! If you’re a coin collector, you’d be delighted to know that you have a
fortune. To give you an example, let me just say that a 200-year-old coin can
be sold for at least $200,000, and yes that’s insane!

Instead of selling your soul, sell
these easy findings from your house!

Updated July 14, 2020
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