Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

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  • POSTED ON: April 4, 2023

The silence is palpable as Spotify makes a jolting announcement – their live-audio app, Spotify Live, is set to shut down. Whispers of shock and surprise have reverberated throughout the industry as experts try to make sense of this unexpected move.

Amidst the hush, a glint of hope shines through as Spotify assures that they will not abandon the realm of live features – instead, they will continue to chart new frontiers on their main platform. What exciting developments could be in store for us? Only time will tell.

Insights into the App’s Discontinuation

According to a statement from a Spotify representative reported by reputable news sources, the company has decided to discontinue the Spotify Live app following a period of experimentation and insights gained into how users engage with live audio content.

The spokesperson indicated that while there is potential for live fan-creator interactions within the Spotify ecosystem, it no longer makes sense to maintain the standalone app. However, the company has identified promising results in the use case of “listening parties” for artists and fans to engage in live interactions and intends to continue exploring this approach.

Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

In a bold move to further enhance the auditory experience of its users, Spotify made a revolutionary decision in April 2022. In a masterstroke, the popular music streaming giant – Spotify integrated the dynamic live audio capabilities of its companion app, Spotify Greenroom, as “Spotify Live,” marking a significant shift in the landscape of live audio entertainment.

With this unprecedented move, Spotify opened a whole new world of possibilities for music enthusiasts, podcast aficionados, and anyone who craves the thrill of live audio content.

Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

Imagine being able to connect with your favorite creators in real-time, hearing their thoughts and interacting with them. That’s exactly what Spotify Live, formerly known as Greenroom, offers its users. But that’s not all! With the ability to serve as a creation mechanism for hosts, creators can now take their content to the next level.

And the best part? They can now reach a broader audience of Spotify’s 406 million global listeners, making it easier than ever to share their passion with the world. So why settle for just listening when you can be a part of the action with Spotify Live?

Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

In March 2021, Spotify made a whopping $62 million acquisition of Betty Labs, a startup that developed an application focusing on live audio in the realm of sports content. The app, initially known as Locker Room, went through a swift transformation under Spotify’s umbrella and emerged as the much-hyped Greenroom in June 2021.

The company’s plan was to lure consumers towards its live audio service with the introduction of weekly shows. Sadly, Greenroom fell short of gaining traction in a market that was rapidly moving on from the live audio trend and lost its spark very quickly.

The Mysterious Demise of Four Fan-Favorite Shows

In a surprising move last December, Spotify appeared to be tapping on the brakes on its live audio, bidding adieu to a slew of its captivating live audio shows.

Among the casualties were the tantalizing “Deux Me After Dark,” “Doughboys: Snack Pack,” and the film-centric “The Movie Buff.”

Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

Now, what’s new?

The latest update on Spotify allows you to step into the newest sensation of the live audio world, Spotify green room, where the experience is truly immersive.

Imagine – as you enter the virtual room, you’re immediately greeted with a vibrant display of profile icons of the speakers perched on the top of the screen while the listener’s smaller icons rest below. With its cutting-edge feature set that’s on par with other popular live audio platforms, including, Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio rooms, Spotify Greenroom’s capabilities are sure to leave you amazed.

Moderation control and mute options ensure a smooth and safe listening experience. But what really sets Spotify Greenroom apart is the ability to bring listeners on stage, creating a real-time dialogue between the speakers and the audience.

With a capacity to host up to 1000 people, Spotify is expected to scale up that number in the future, allowing even more individuals to join in on the live audio sessions.

Silent Nights: Spotify Pulls the Plug on Its Live Audio App

What’s next?

Set to make a splash later this summer, Spotify has teased the launch that promises to revolutionize the way; users experience music, culture, and entertainment.

Keep your ears open and your speakers ready because Spotify is about the take the world by storm!

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Updated April 4, 2023
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