Snapchat vs. TikTok | Instant Ways to Earn $1 Million by Using Spotlight Feature!

  • POSTED ON: December 3, 2020

The deal isn’t about hacking Linux to earn $100,000 or to earn $1000 just for watching The Office with friends, it is much more entertaining than that!

The competition between Snapchat and TikTok is inevitable, similar to the race between Facebook and Twitter. Keeping it healthy, Snapchat has found a new strategy to gain attraction and find new users. The latest in its ventures is the promise of $1 million per day to users who will post content utilizing its new feature known as ‘Spotlight’. With this new feature, Snapchat is clearly aiming to give TikTok a run for its money. 

What is this new feature all about and how can users benefit from it? Let’s find out all that there is to know!

Well, as you know, the latest feature is known as Spotlight, and it shows content from users that they don’t already follow. This is an interesting turn from its initial strategy because Snapchat had opted to keep its primary focus on messaging between friends. Keeping personal preferences in mind, users will have the ability to choose whether or not they want their content to be shown in Spotlight. And here’s when the penny drops: users with the most-engaged posts will get to have the majority of funds. 

The decision of highest-performing posts will be taken by Snapchat on the basis of how unique and original the content is. However, the company has kept the key indicators hidden and has negated from specifying any further. Furthermore, the company has not confirmed how exactly it will distribute the huge million-dollar amount. Apparently, the company has decided to continue the distribution until at least the end of the year. 

Users who don’t want to indulge in this feature can still use it like the Explore Tab on Instagram or TikTok’s ‘For You’ feature. 

There’s no denying that TikTok is currently dominating the social media scene, and because of this, all social media networking sites are leveling up and putting forth their A-game. TikTok’s rapid growth is intimidating, as it challenges the scope of other platforms. In only the last two years, TikTok has garnered 14.6 million active users in the US. In fact, in October, the platform managed to gauge 40 million users alone. Mind you, this is also the time when Trump was intending to put a ban on it. 

The damage was foreseeable when Instagram rolled out its new feature called Reels in August. It was, of course, tested overseas for almost a year; but due to disappointing underscoring, the relevance of Instagram was questioned. Right when Instagram debuted Reels, other social media websites had their brush of luck: Trump’s administration was adamant on banning TikTok and it had coerced the Chinese company to sell it to the American business. 

When knives were pointing from every side and angle, questions regarding TikTok’s progress and future prospects arose. It wasn’t clear if the company would find the core technology needed to power the app in its new home. 

But the future seems bright for the young app: Not only is Trump’s tenure ending shortly, but it has managed to defeat all court cases against the federal government. Of course, this glorious comeback has left its rivals with no other option but to ace their own game. They’re gearing up and have no plans to back down anytime soon. 

Snapchat’s new feature is simply a testament to that! It’s available in the US, Canada, Britain, and a couple of more countries. In addition, the company intends to grow this feature and make it global. According to the company, the content will be showcased in moderation so there won’t be any public comments. This way, the toxicity of negative comments can be controlled and no one would have the ability to target user’s inboxes and flood them with inappropriate and hateful remarks. 

The million-dollar promise is simply its promotional strategy and a challenge to the users to experiment and come up with amazing content. The new feature is definitely in line to giving TikTok a tough competition as the content type will be similar. The option of Spotlight will allow users 60 seconds to get creative. You can further edit the short clip, add captions and licensed music along with original sound recordings. There will also be augmented reality filters and gifs feature. And of course, what is a social media platform without a hashtag?

The new feature is called Spotlight, as it’s ideal for highlighting entertaining videos from all types of users. It wouldn’t emphasize on the number of followers or influence, but the originality of their content. 

Continue reading if you want to find out how you can use this feature and get the prize money.

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Firstly, you should submit content by creating snaps in the regular Spotlight. You can find this new feature next to the “Send To” option on screen. Next, the send button is there at the bottom right-hand corner, and this is where the content will be submitted. Users will get the liberty to choose the topics they’re interested in before submission of the clip. 

Snapchat shows Spotlight content to users according to their preferences; its algorithm is responsible for curating content based on watch time, likes, shares, and bounce rate. Prior to the surfacing of the content, there’s a team of moderators who view it and deem it as entertaining and appropriate. This surveillance is essential, as it decides the fate of the video. Snapchat has said that leverage will be given to entertaining videos and political content will not be reciprocated with the same enthusiasm.

Here comes the most important question: How can users earn the million dollars?

Of course, the first criteria for winning is the creativity and the entertainment quotient of the content. The next criteria that will be evaluated is the number of views and popularity. The company has noted that it will actively monitor content and ensure that the views are not generated artificially. 

The money will be distributed to users every day and the company will send a direct message to award their share to users. The good thing about this feature is that there’s no limit on how many times you can win the prize money. So, wear your creative hats and become a millionaire in a day!

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Updated December 3, 2020
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