Sony Confirms the Availability of Remote Play App across Platforms

  • POSTED ON: 10/Nov/2020

PlayStation 5 is almost the same as Play Station 4 – both have the same practical features with just small changes. However, PS5 doesn’t come with the 3D Blu-ray option! There’s another reason for you guys to purchase the new PS4, read on to find out what.

Today Sony confirmed that you can access other PlayStation consoles with PS4, including PS5. They’re working on the Remote feature of PS4 and apart from allowing access to it from PC or any other mobile device, and it is giving the Remote play option too right from your TV. Thus, you’ll be able to connect to your PS5 and stream PS5 games to your PS4.

According to VGC and Eurogamer, PS5 Remote Play app ad is already up on PS4 and it currently offers up to 1080p stream from the brand new console. Here’s what you can do now: Connect your PS4 to your bedroom TV and play it all night right from the comfort of your bed.

Also, you don’t require a PS4 to stream a PS5 game in another room of your house. You can do it since the Remote Play app is available and updated on all platforms. However, the Windows version only gives support to PS5 at 1080p along with HDR.

Since Sony’s PS Remote Play app is available to Android and iOS, an update regarding Mac version is also expected. However, you’ll need a good phone to the controller for that.

There’s a bunch of other things that you can do with PS5 using your phone with Sony’s PlayStation App separately. It also received an overhaul recently. Some users have already highlighted the idea that you can play PlayStation 5 games with PS4 DualShock 4 controller and stream them all over your house using the PS5 Remote Play. But there’s one strange limitation – you can’t actually use DualShock 4 to play the games designed for PS5.


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