Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is What We All Need Right Now!

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  • POSTED ON: July 23, 2020

An air conditioner that fits in your pocket!

As the heatwave is here and going to stay for weeks, the concept of a wearable and portable air conditioner that keeps you cool wherever you go through a smartphone device seems the need of the hour and is pretty incredible, if not implausible. Well, for Sony it’s not! Sony introduced a technology called the Reon Pocket, a small device that does exactly that!

Reon Pocket is one of Sony’s latest gadget and is the new addition to the First Flight’s products, the company’s internal crowdfunding platform, which finances the products built by Sony employees. First Flight has previously funded technologies like Huis smart home universal remote, FES E Ink watch and Wena Wrist modular smartwatch.

Image Source – Google | Image by TheVerge

The Reon Pocket is like a typical sony gadget, a small pocket-sized device with white plastic that connects with the Bluetooth to your iOS or Android devices and charges through USB-C. The technology has a silicon pad at the back, it absorbs and releases heat upon pressing it against the skin.

It’s a handheld device but unusually promoted with the company’s unique V-neck shirts that have an inner back pocket that allows the device to rest between a person’s shoulder blades.

image source – google | image by theverge

Image Source  – Google | Image by TheVerge

You can control the device and its temperature simply through your smartphone. It’s a cooling device, but Sony says it can also work as a heater. The device allows you to customize the temperature in three different levels. It’s “fan” feature will enable you to control the speed and boost up the cooling to a certain degree.

It’s automated modes get activated by manually turning on the power button instead of using the app. Its battery can last about 2-3 hours, varying on the intensity of the device settings.

It weighs just 85 grams and uses USB-c, similar to an apple mouse. And yes it would be pretty evident when wearing under the shirt!

According to Sony, the device can reduce your external body temperature by 13°C. It’s pretty hard to say whether the cooling sensations would be equally felt throughout the body or only in the area where the device is attached.

Image Source – Google | Image by TheVerge

You can wear this cooling device while going for groceries, during travel or under your business clothing. For someone who gets easily frustrated with soaring temperatures and increased humidity, this device can also be a mood elevator!

Reon Pocket is exclusively available at different Japanese sites for 14,080 jpy (approx. $130). First introduced in summers 2019, Sony planned to launch the gadget just in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

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Updated July 23, 2020
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