Surprising Announcements From Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Games Event on July 23rd

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: July 7, 2020

Microsoft is all set to exhibit its Xbox Series X games in an event scheduled for July 23rd at 12 PM ET/9 am PT. In fact, the company is going to display all the games designed by its Xbox Game Studios, counting Halo Infinite.

In a trailer released by 343 Industries, it looks like The Banished antagonists are making their way back in the popular gaming franchise “Halo” for the next big installment coming later this month.

The gaming community is already setting their heart on the event as they look forward to seeing some real gameplay this time!

As a matter of fact, there are probably more games than just Halo. The giant Microsoft is slowly wrapping its tentacles to other game studios, and now the company has around 15 Xbox Game Studios in total. Xbox enthusiasts are anticipating what more these gaming studios have to offer for Xbox series in the latest event.

To lift up the excitement, Microsoft created a fable placeholder twitter account, hinting that the latest edition of these gaming franchises might return to the Xbox series during July’s Xbox event. The company also extended its Fable trademark to cover up various categories like USB chargers, portable speakers, headphones, and more- Interesting timing!

Considering a previous year’s launch of a Hellblade II teaser by Microsoft during its Xbox Series X ceremony, it’s fair to assume that there’s going to be more from the Ninja Theory at the upcoming event.

Microsoft’s Double Fine Studio is yet to launch Psychonauts 2 in 2020. It’s interesting to see how Forza and Gears of War will look like on the more advanced hardware in the Xbox Series X.

Rare recently launched its latest Everwild game in November previous year, and there’s more to be unveiled about this game at Microsoft’s event. Xbox fans have already crossed their fingers and are gearing themselves for more possible surprises. What’s next in the showcasing list Perfect Dark or Banjo-Kazooie game?

Let’s wait and see!

Updated July 7, 2020
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