T Mobile Service Faced Massive Outages on Monday

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  • POSTED ON: June 16, 2020

On Monday, T-Mobile customers faced issues with their
network as they were not able to make phone calls or use the internet. There
were also some disruptions in the networks of those customers who used other
wireless carriers to reach T-mobile lines.

Source: Daily Mail

The company responded by saying that these outages were
caused by a “widespread routing issue affecting voice and text.”


At 1 am ET on Tuesday, the president of technology tweeted
that voice and text services have been restored.


“Thank you for your patience as we fixed the issues,
Neville Ray tweeted
. “We
sincerely apologize for any and all inconveniences.”

Source: CNN

The service-tracking site Down Detector said that they
received more than 100,000 complaints from the United States on Monday
afternoon. In the evening, the reports dropped down to 25,000 and by midnight,
there were only 1000 customers who were unable to use the network for making
calls or internet


The Sheriff’s Office situated in Harris County, Texas said
that the outages made it difficult for many people in the region to contact


Down Detector also recorded thousands of reports of Verizon
network outages on Monday but the company has denied all such claims. Verizon
spokesperson Karen Schulz said, “Sites such as Downdetector.com utilize limited
crowdsourced data drawn from sample social posts which are often statistically
insignificant or factually incorrect.”


“Verizon’s network is performing well,” Verizon
spokesperson Howard Waterman said in a statement to CNN Business. “We’re aware
that another carrier is having network issues. Calls to and from that carrier
may receive an error message.”


AT&T also said that if their customers were facing any
issues, it is because of T-Mobile’s outages. “Our network is operating
normally, but it’s possible some customers are unable to reach people on other
carriers’ networks,”
AT&T News said in a tweet


While Sprint was also present in the list of complaints
received by Down Detector, the company was not present for any comment.


Updated June 16, 2020
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