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  • POSTED ON: April 4, 2023

With every other tech invention happening around the world, it’s easy to miss out on important updates. But, hey, there’s nothing to worry about! We’ve come up with a weekly round-up on technology advancement around the world. From Fanfix to banning rental e-scooters in Paris, ethical debates on AI development, and promising startups, there is a lot to unpack!

Also, this article will further discuss technology’s impact on multiple industries, joint tech ventures, and YouTube’s latest achievement! So, let’s not waste another minute and get to the good part ASAP!


Fanfix: Can The New Social Media Platform Challenge Tiktok’s Dominance?

Is the app that mercilessly murdered and kept rising to the top coming to an end? Yes, we’re talking about the worldwide popular Tiktok. And the new rival is Fanfix.

TikTok ban is common now, and with New Zealand banning the app too, the chances of survival for this entertaining app are low.

Though the US managed to keep the app still relevant. The content creators have started investing in Fanfix, which has paid 11 million to creators already. So, is Fanfix the new Queen B, or will TikTok return with a call an ambulance moment? Let’s see what happens.

There’s Still Time For April Fools, Thanks To Twitter!

Since Musk’s takeover, no one has taken Twitter seriously. Instead, it’s become a fun place for exchanging memes. Which is not a bad idea, BTW!

So, twitter’s verification label has changed once again, and people can’t tell if it’s real or fake. But, there’s another thrill, i.e., Musk replacing twitter’s homepage icon with a dogey-icon on April Fool’s day. This is indeed the best Twitter update so far!

Another Security Breach?

As per the news, there’s been a security breach at Western Digital! The hackers stole network security data; as expected, the users aren’t happy about it.



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Paris’ Ban On Rental E-Scooters & The Future Of Micromobility

The city of lights has dimmed another industry, i.e., micromobility. Per the records, Paris has officially banned the e-scooters that created massive hype in 2018. Though it didn’t affect the city much, the industry, on the other hand, is afraid of this ban’s impact on other countries.

Farewell Silicon Valley, Says Futuristic Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is ready to change the future with AI residential advancements and a lot more. Till now, the global tech innovation, Silicon Valley, was ruling the tech world. But it has a new competitor, i.e., Saudi!

In an earlier conference, the VCs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz invested $350 million in Saudi’s new residential projects. So, with the turntables, we can consider a game over for the Valley!

VR Treadmill: Just What We Needed

Technology is evolving our lifestyle, and we aren’t complaining! And just like that, The Virtuix Omni is determined to make the gaming experience the best for everyone with its VR treadmill. And the best part? The classic treadmill feature will keep you fit regardless.

Push Security Promises To Keep Your Data Secure

A London startup, Push Security, has raised $15 million to protect SaaS users from advanced data breaching tactics. The startup plans to track the users’ iffy choices to help them secure their data instead of blocking the apps. Further, they will point out the simple mistakes online users make and lose their data.

AI Advancements, A Threat To Human Society?

AI keeps getting better and better! But with the recent developments of GPT-4 and whatnot, the AI ethicists received a letter suggesting to pause the invention. The letter believes such advancements will ruin human civilizations and their thinking capacity, among other threats.

Make Way For The New VC Winner, Kaszek Ventures

The Brazilian company Kaszek Ventures has raised $1B to invest in potential Latin American startup companies. Previously, Kaszek Ventures has also helped many successful companies like Nubank, QuintoAndar, and Gympass.

Digital Finance Is Aiming For The Skies With Fourthline AI Startup

AI startup Fourthline has secured $54 million to bring advanced identity verification and compliance tools to the finance sector. With this investment, the process of conducting thorough ID checks will be easier and more secure.

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Travel Without Worrying About The Prices – Google

Google is testing new traveling features, including a price guarantee. Further, while looking for the flight fare, you and google can challenge each other for lower prices. The winner takes all!

Nintendo & DeNA’s Nintendo Systems Launches Today

In November, Nintendo and mobile games company, DeNA, planned to launch Nintendo Systems. The awaited site launched just now in April 2023, and it’s running spectacularly. Further, both have been friends since 2015 and have contributed many times to make the gaming experience better for users.

GM BrightDrops Deal With Ryder Supply Chain

BrightDrop is an electric delivery van subsidiary of General Motors. The company has signed a deal with in-demand Ryder Supply Chain Solutions to supply 4,000 EVs to the rental and lease fleet through 2025.

YouTube For The Win!

Coachella 2023 is happening, and YouTube has stepped in to save the day! The popular entertainment platform will stream all six Coachella stages across weekends. So, don’t forget to tune in!

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Updated April 4, 2023
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