Tesla New Boombox Feature! Here’s How You Can Now Fart at Your Neighbors!

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  • POSTED ON: December 26, 2020

Tesla just keeps getting better!

Tesla has launched a
new update
and apparently
it is especially designed for the holiday season. According to the update,
owners of Tesla cars can now use the Boombox mode
, which has the ability to
broadcast customized audio on the outside of the car. It seems like the idea
came right from Musk’s heart – super precise and humorous AF.

So now, car owners who are driving down their neighborhood
can use fart or goat sounds in place o
f the normal honking sounds and prank their neighbors,
and just about anyone else.

In addition to this, a
bunch of other updates have also been made as part of the firmware 2020.48.26
update. You know what? one of the updates is something that the fans were
eagerly waiting for. Well, in the latest upgraded version, there’s been an
integration of a brand new mode through which a time stamped section can be
viewed. In this section
a variety of sounds are accessible for the Tesla car owners via the Toybox
section. Pick any sound of your choice – goat, applause, baaing, farting or
even a brief “tada” clip for someone posh.

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As you know, Tesla
owners were not able to create fart noise
s inside the car for some time.
Hence, the latest Boombox mode permits people
who’ve bought the recent models to use the built-in speakers. In
the latest model, the built-in speakers literally blast audio to the
unsuspecting individuals outside the car.

Tesla cars that were
built after the September of 2019 come with built-in speakers. These speakers
were inserted to the car
for humorous reasons but because of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
rules. It was demanded by the NHTSA as it mandated electric vehicles that were
silent to cut down the noise so as to alert the pediatricians.

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According to a
that a real thing
!) following
is the description of
this new Boombox mode is capable of

Firstly, you can turn
your car into a Boombox and entertain the crow
d with your outstanding media players
whenever parked. In addition to this, you can also tailor your sound system and
change settings for whenever you press the horn while driving the car to summon
someone or to alert another car. To achieve this, you simply need to go to the
dropdown menu or insert your open USB cable or device and save five sounds of
your choice.

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And you should know what? Farting isn’t simply restricted for
; you
may be delighted to know that there’s been an update to Tesla’s “Emission
Testing Mode”
, which
is basically the fart sequence that decides when the car can fart. And
according to this update, no one


the outside can escape the sound!

The Emission Testing
Mode can be used outside the car as well. To get this setting, you need to
choose your desired sound and place the cushion on the external speaker. As
soon as you’re ready, you can play the chosen sound by simply pressing the left
scroll wheel button. You can also use the turn signal to play it. To gain
access, tap on the Application Launcher, then go to Toybox, and finally, tap on
Emissions Testing Mode.

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Apart from farting on
your neighbors, you can use this feature in a variety of other way
s. For instance, the Tesla update
allows you to emit similar sounds as an ice cream truck. So if you’re
interested in playing a prank on the kids in your neighborhood, go for this
option! Simply drive around the neighborhood in your brand new Tesla car and
play the music that makes them think an ice cream truck is nearby.

To be able to upload
five different tracks also means that Tesla car owners can go around town with
whichever audio they want. In one of the interactions with Elon Musk on Twitter
, a person asked if he can play Ludacris’ 2000 hit “Move
,  to which Musk replied that he can do so by
using the custom upload feature.

And as we reported,
there are other additions to this year’s holiday update as well
: apparently, the car owners can also
gain access to three new games. The new games included in the list are The
Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest, and Solitaire. They can obviously play these
games when the car is parked. There are also supercharge display enhancement
s along with scheduled departure
which are included in the firmware update.

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We don’t know why
but this fart feature is making us purchase a Tesla car
. We’ve got some bad neighbors, you
*evil smile*

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Anyway, Tesla features are always talk of the town and this new Boombox
feature is all set to be a hit. Are you excited to try the new mode aka the
Tesla fart horn? Do let us know! 

Updated December 26, 2020
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