The 10 Year Old War Between Microsoft and Apple Ends

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  • POSTED ON: March 20, 2020

The 10-year old tech war between iPads and Surface has finally come to an end as Apple admits that Microsoft was right about tablets. When both the companies launched the tablets, Apple introduced iPads and was convinced that you do not need any form of keyboard, trackpad or even stylus. In fact, they went as far as making fun of Microsoft for going for keyboards with Surface models. 

Source: The Verge

When Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, presented new Macs and iPads six years ago, he said, “Our competition is different, they’re confused. They chased after netbooks, and now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they will do next?”

Source: The Times of Israel

Well, it turns out that Bill Gates was right. In recent years, all the tablet devices that Apple has introduced have turned into a concept that strongly resembles that of Microsoft’s Surface.

Source: The Verge

iPad Pro and Surface Pro look almost identical. They both consist of detachable keyboards, adjustable stands, trackpad and styluses. This week, iPadOS also got mouse and cursor support, and it seems like Apple has finally concluded that their competitor was right from the beginning.

Even though there wasn’t much technology to support his claims, Bill Gates said in 2002 that tablets would become a thing in the future. The hardware and software were not as developed, so it was just a rough idea without any practical approach.

Source: PC Mag

Eventually, they developed Surface RT alongside Windows 8 in 2012, soon after Apple introduced the iPad. Microsoft’s model, however, had an ARM-powered desktop operating system that didn’t support applications popular among the users. The idea they presented was far from perfect, but their direction was 100% right.

Window’s former chief, Steven Sinofsky said in a detailed blog post in 2012 when Windows 8 was released, “Something is different about tablets, people still do desire a physical keyboard. Even in the absence of software like Microsoft Office, the reality is that when you need to write more than a few quick lines of text, you yearn for something better than on-screen typing … People benefit from the highly accurate, reliable, and fast user input enabled by a physical keyboard, and we think an OS and its apps should not compromise when one is available.”

Source: The Verge

So he was clear from the beginning. Touch-based computing would make Windows 8 into a first-class input system, but there are other ways to use it. The tech company insisted that we need a mouse for precision, a keyboard for typing and a stylus for taking notes for drawing. So based on this idea, Microsoft came up with the concept of Surface Pro. They also accessorized it with a kickstand and hinge designs so it could easily be used on a couch or desk. And soon, everyone started copying this model.

Soon after Microsoft introduced Surface Pro 3, Apple came up with a stylus and a smart keyboard for their iPads. This was done after iPad sales started to decrease to the point where Apple was only profiting through Mac. However, by following the footsteps of Microsoft, they were quick to recover, and now every iPad supports keypad and trackpad.

So the war has ended as both the companies have finally decided what the operating system for tablets should actually support. Now we move onto the next war of who has the best operating system for this concept!

Updated March 20, 2020
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