The Accessibility Race: Apple Leads, Can Competitors Keep Up?

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  • POSTED ON: May 17, 2023

It’s no surprise that Apple has been leading the charts with its back-to-back phones, accessories, and popularity. But the company isn’t ready to take some rest. Further, with the iPhone 15 releasing soon, Apple Inc has leveled up the game with accessibility features for the disabled community. Sounds amazing, right? 

So, stay with us and keep reading, as in this blog, we will be discussing these accessibility tools in detail, including the plus points and possible downsides. 

Assistive Accessibility: Customizable Visual Features

Developed on the feedback from the disabled community, the feature will be released soon on iOS, iPad, and Mac. Further, it will make everyday phone interference for users easy as they’ll be able to chat with their close ones and even share pictures. Additionally, the experience will be a lot better since FaceTime apps will be combined into just one. 

Plus, if you’re someone who doesn’t prefer enlarged apps or fonts, the new feature has resolved this issue. Instead, the display will be soothing with clearer text and increased contrast. Though, you can always sort display settings as per your preference. 

The Accessibility Race: Apple Leads, Can Competitors Keep Up?

Point And Speak: Empowering Visually Disabled Users

Though Apple introduced the Magnifier tool a while ago that notifies the user about nearby doors and walls. But the new feature, Point and Speak, is the game changer! It will use the phone’s camera and LiDAR Scanner to help visually disabled people interact with objects nearby. The feature will read out the labels too. And the best part? Low lighting doesn’t matter! 

Personal Voice: A Voice of Your Own

Apple has another good news for people with ALS, i.e., the Personal Voice feature. Since people with ALS are often at risk of losing their voices, this feature copies their voice, and you can hear it instead of Siri. 

Though the users will be required to record a random text for 15 minutes. In this way, the devices can store the voice and replace  Siri’s voice with theirs.  

The Caution: Will Your Data Be At Risk? 

While the Personal Voice feature seems like a song for ears, many users raised concerns about other people accessing their stored data. But there’s nothing to worry about! According to Apple, this feature is never shared with anyone, including the company itself. Further, you wouldn’t have to connect your Apple ID either. 

However, the feature is only available for English speakers for now. 

Live Speech: Facilitating Communication for Non-Verbal Individuals

Imagine this, have you ever wished you could talk without speaking a single word? Well, Apple has got you covered! They’ve come up with something super cool called Live Speech. It’s like having your own personal Siri or AI voice buddy. 

With this update, you can type what you want to say, and it will be spoken out loud. And guess what? You can use this awesome tool on any Apple device! It will be right there on your lock screen, ready to help you express yourself. 

And if you find yourself saying the same things again and again. For example, your usual coffee order, then you can save those phrases in Live Speech.

The Accessibility Race: Apple Leads, Can Competitors Keep Up?

Enhanced Speech-to-Text Tools

Apple is improving its speech-to-text tools. One of the upgrades is called Voice Control. Though the feature is used for speaking. But if you make a mistake while dictating, you can fix it with this update. Also, it will suggest the correct word. 

Rollout & Expansion

Users can expect this feature to be released within this year. Meanwhile, the already-released SignTime feature is being expanded to Germany, Italy, Spain, and South Korea. 

Our Verdict 

Though it’s not new for Apple to go beyond limitations and create something spectacular. But with this feature, the disabled community can fit into the innovative world and even keep up with the trends while experiencing smooth interference. 

The Accessibility Race: Apple Leads, Can Competitors Keep Up?

So, our verdict? Appreciate Apple Inc for this step as much as we can! Besides, if you want to read more about the updates on iPhone 15, check out the recent blogs in our tech section. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for new reminders every time!

Updated May 17, 2023
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