The best messaging apps not hijacked by Facebook (Yet!)

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  • POSTED ON: September 21, 2020

Facebook has become a predator who preys on small
but potentially successful social media platforms to maintain its dominance in
the tech industry. With acquiring most of the biggest social media chatting
platforms, Facebook is unstoppable and it seems like its regime is going to
continue for several decades to come.

But you, a wise person who is concerned about your
privacy and believes Mark-Zuckerberg as a monster scheming for an array of
modern-world suffering, want to quit!

But hey, we have good news for you! There are
still many non-facebook-owned ways to communicate and get in touch with your
loved ones without worrying about your privacy. Facebook may be a giant Octopus
that has spread its tentacles around every other successful messaging apps,
including Instagram, and Whatsapp, but it still hasn’t laid hands on (tentacles,
rather) on the following messaging apps:


Source: Google Play

The signal is remarkable in ways that Facebook isn’t!

It works on both Android and iOS devices,
including Macs and even your Personal computers. You can communicate with
written texts messages, voice notes, video and audio calls, and can also hold massive
group chats, similar to one like Apple’s iMessage.

Signal is recommended by many tech experts, and
it’s a nonprofit platform operating independently. The best thing is it does
not record any information about its users, and all the communication exchanged
via this app is end-to-end encrypted. Even when the FBI comes knocking at their
door, they deny having any information to hand over to them. Cheers!


Source: Insider

It may appear to be mainstream, but it’s time to
start valuing the very own app you’re using every day.

The app allows users to send text-based messages,
videos, GIFs, and voice notes. If you’re communicating with an iOS user you’ll
see blue bubbles in your chat, meaning they are default end-to-end encrypted, making
Facebook to eat a humble pie!

Yet, there are some setbacks that could disturb your messaging
experience. The obvious one, it only limits to App devices. And you can’t
really communicate for free to your Android friends and family. So minus points
for that!

But, overall, it’s a great messaging app in terms of security and
privacy, at least for iOS users!

Google Duo

Source: Techlomedia

You may find Google as a privacy-jeopardizing company, but it actually
has some good products that work while valuing user’s privacy. Google Duo is
one of them! Best for both Android and iOS devices, it lets you make video calls
with multiple participants. All the video calls made via this app are
end-to-end encrypted, which means you will be damn sure that no one has their
eyes and ears on you!

Google Duo is a far better option than Facebook!


Source: The verge

You probably must be hating Zoom by now, but this app is striving to
improve! The video-calling app is definitely a great option to communicate with
your pals without compromising your privacy.

The conferencing app skyrocketed
in demand as people were forced to restrict to homes due to the coronavirus
pandemic. Initially, this app posed serious privacy concerns, but the company
took major steps to address them as well.

If you’re still struggling to cope up with Zoom learning, we recommend
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Teaching Effectively with

and it will definitely help you!

While the above-mentioned apps come with their fair share of problems,
using them will definitely make you feel free from Facebook’s dictatorship.

Updated September 21, 2020
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