The Best Prime Day AirPods Deals 2020

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  • POSTED ON: October 13, 2020

Note: All prices were last updated on 13th October 2020. 

We already covered the websites that can help you track the best deal of the upcoming Prime Day of Amazon, so let’s move on to the gadget that is a must-have and nothing could be more amazing than getting our hands on it at a discounted price!! *We all waited for the Prime Day Sale for so long!*

While it may sound like Apple Prime Day it isn’t! It’s the most awaited Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals. 

Best AirPods deals out there!

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Whether you’re
looking for the classic Apple AirPods or the noise-canceling AirPods Pro, you
have the chance to save up to $50 on a single pair of Apple buds, all thanks to
the Prime Day deals!

The event is slated for
October 14 and you can get AirPods Pro on sale for a whopping $199 at Amazon!
Just bookmark this page and keep getting alerts of the best deals like the ones
mentioned below!

The Best Prime Day AirPods Deals

AirPods with Charging Case

Image credit: Target

Now is the time to sweep off
all AirPods from the market because they’re currently being sold at $114
instead of $159 at Amazon! Save $44 and honestly, it can’t get
better than this.

AirPods with Wireless Case

image credit: EEZEPC

Previously, the price of this AirPod model with a wireless charging case
had dropped down to $139, but look, $149 is a great deal as well! Don’t be
greedy, you’re still saving $50 OFF the original price tag. These AirPods have
a highly beneficial Qi-compatible case, which is a superior model than the one
mentioned above.

Apple Wireless Charging Case

image credit: The Verge

Do you wish to upgrade your standard AirPods case and get the wireless
charging case instead? Get lucky by getting your hands on this standalone case
which is currently being sold at
$14 OFF at Amazon! The price literally went
from $79 to $64.

The Best Prime Day AirPods Pro Deals

Apple AirPods Pro

image credit: Apple

This is easily our favorite deal right now! The AirPods Pro is OFF 50% and being sold for $199 right now! This is the lowest they’ve ever been sold.
Considering the fact that this model is both sweat and water resistant, has a
built-in noise cancelation feature, and IPX4 certified, you have to agree that
it’s quite a catch!  

Which Model Should You

Well, the fact remains that the second-gen AirPods that were released in
2019 are suitable for most Apple users. They’re not only cost effective but
they also connect easily with most Apple devices. They have a hand-free Siri
support, so you know, you can quickly tap in and out and lunch the Apple’s
digital assistance by saying “Hi, Siri!”

On the other hand, you have AirPods Pro – slightly heavier on the pocket.
They come with similar features, but they also support new design and look
more modern and stylish. They have a different sized ear tip,
which aids in adding the customization option. So if your pocket allows, go for
the AirPods Pro and don’t forget to check out our upcoming selection of best Apple watch sales and iPad sales! Happy Shopping!

Updated October 13, 2020
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