The Biggest Announcements from Sony’s PS5 Showcase

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: September 18, 2020

Sony organized a mega
event days after Microsoft revealed the details regarding its Xbox Series X and
Series S. The tech company not only revealed the cost and release date of the
upcoming PS5 but also some of the complementary accessories and their details.
In addition, the event provided details on the games that are ready to rumble!

Don’t worry if you
couldn’t catch the event live. We’ll give you all the major details here!

PlayStation 5 is releasing on Nov 12th

Needless to say, the
most important news of the event was the PS5 release date and price. The
next-gen console is all set to release on the 12th of November with
two different price tags: basic PS5 will cost $499, and the disc-free Digital
Edition will come at the cost of $399!

God of War Returns!

The news is official –
we’re getting a follow-up to the much-awaited God of War series! Although the
details haven’t been revealed yet, it seems to be titled Ragnarok – and we’re
only predicting it keeping the end of the first game in mind. It’s expected to
be out sometime next year!

Additional Bonus for PlayStation Plus

Sony also revealed new
features for subscription called “PlayStation Plus Collection”, which will
allow you to get access to a vast range of classic PS4 games! The launch is
slated for November.

PlayStation and PC are Getting the Final
Fantasy XVI

The most surprising
news in the entire event has to be of the Final Fantasy XVI! We got to see a
glimpse of the debut trailer, which by the way, was filled with familiar sights
of crystals and magic spells. It will be out soon for both PC and PS5 users.

Sneak Peak of the Next Spider Man

We witnessed an
extended look at the gameplay of the Miles Morales-focused Spider Man game. We
actually got an idea of how this new spidey will win our hearts with the grand
abilities. It’s hitting the stores during the holiday season!

First Look of the Harry Potter Game!

The wizarding world is
welcoming us through a new medium! The game version is called Hogwarts Legacy
and it is set in the world of Harry Potter. It is hopefully launching next

Resident Evil: Village is Spooky AF!

The latest Resident
Evil trailer is gruesome and ghastly! So be prepared to be startled and
petrified in 2021.

A Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5 Is
On Its Way 

Devil May Cry is
undoubtedly one of the best action games to come out in the last couple of
years. To keep the spirit alive, it’s getting a special edition that will be
available digitally.

Five Nights at Freddy is Going Next-Gen

Five Nights at Freddy
is the latest entry for PS5, and it looks edgy with a dash of weird. Not much
was revealed besides its name, though.

A Much Extensive Look At the Demon’s
Soul Remaster

This has to be the most
ambitious project on the list so far – it’s been revamped into an action beast
in the new trailer!

Which game you’re most
excited for? Let us know! As fellow Potterheads, we’re
dying to get our hands on the new Harry Potter game! 

Updated September 18, 2020
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