The Most Awaited Samsung Event Unpacked!

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  • POSTED ON: August 6, 2020

If you combine the overall presentation and general awkwardness of the Microsoft and Apple events, you’ll basically summarize the first virtual Samsung event.

First of all, the show was seven minutes late and the presenters were really awkward. But again… considering that it was the first-ever virtual event of Samsung, it was decent.

By the end of the show, TM Rod, who is the mobile head, pointed out that in future we could see foldable and 5G to be the potential pillars of Samsung. In this event, the company took a step forward in regimenting the next-gen wireless tech in its all flagship mobile devices. Also, we witnessed a step in the direction of tablets.

Some of the reveals were predictable. The biggest showcase was the newest version of the perennial preferred phablet line of Samsung. Besides, Note 20 got 5G in both of the models (6.9 and 6.7-inch). Moreover, the Ultra version had a 120Hz rate of a refresh as well as a hybridized superzoom (50x). It has utilized a similar technology as the Galaxy S20 that was released formerly this year.

Another addition was of UWB (ultra-wideband) that permits a long list of features like nearby file sharing. It also allows you to unlock features and find features with the element of AR.
Phil Spencer, who is the head of Xbox, also made a short cameo. He announced the Game Pass access that will bring home approximately 100 streaming titles to the Samsung device.

These models will cost around $1,000 and about $1,300 individually, and shipping will begin from August 21st.
The Galaxy Tab series also made an entrance to the 5G game. This line, according to Samsung, will carry the leading tablets ever that will support 5G present in the United States. Next up, the S7+ and S7 have a 12.4 and 11-inch display and will be sold at $850 and $650 respectively.

However, there was no clarification on what the cost will be for the 5G version.
A bunch of fresh wearables were also unpacked during this event. The most exciting one is obviously the Galaxy Buds Live. Previously, Samsung made solid wireless earbuds, but the current ones are noise cancelling. Apart from this, these Galaxy Buds can double the mic to connect Note device.

They are sold for $170.
Another exciting addition is the Samsung smartwatch. In has improved its set of features and has added the tab of better-quality sleep as well as the fitness tracking device, ECG monitor – with FDA clearance! To your surprise, the Galaxy Watch 3 is priced at $400 and $430 if we speak of 41mm and 45mm. Furthermore, they will be LTE models, and they’ll be rated at $50.
Samsung also announced Galaxy Z Fold 2 with some help from BTS – world-famous boy band.

The novel version comes with fixed solutions that previously erupted. Hence, a new glass has been placed for the screen along with a hinge for debris that falls back in and breaks the screen in this process. However, additional information will be given on September 1st for the foldable.

Updated August 6, 2020
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