The new PS5 DualSense controller will blow your mind!

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: November 5, 2020

When you first pick up
the PS5
DualSense controller
, you’ll be blown away by the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of this PS5 new controller. Sony has apparently added haptic feedback to the new
controller, making it seem like you are in Astro’s Playroom – with adaptive
triggers to pull on the cord.

You could say that this
is just another fancy of PlayStation but a useless feature, but the new Dual Sense controller is more than
that. The new adaptive triggers are brilliant addition to be completely frank
as they change the way you feel about the game!

The triggers will seem
useless to you when there’s no current running through the motor, but the
minute that current is added, the resistance and tension automatically build
for the triggers. Honestly, these triggers are game-changing, as the tension can be felt as you pull on the rope to move across the levels.  Indeed, this pack-in game can convert you into a

So far, it’s the
Astro’s Playroom that shows the best demo of these new additional features. But
soon, new games will start rolling in and you’ll be able to better assess the
importance of DualSense. Fortnite is another game using
haptic feedback to make users feel like they’re actually holding different

In NBA 2K21, these
adaptive triggers will change the game forever as more resistance will be added
to the sprint trigger. Apparently, the PS5 exclusive Deathloop will use the adaptive
triggers to give a unique feel when you hold weapons in the game.

We’re hoping that these
developers continue to experiment with DualSense; this can eventually help PS5
owners get a unique feel to the next-gen of games with Xbox controller!


Updated November 5, 2020
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