The Raspberry Pi 400: a compact keyboard with a built-in computer

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: November 4, 2020

You only have to add a screen, and here you go: a
full-fledged PC with powerful processor!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just launched the
Raspberry Pi 400 or better be called a compact keyboard consisting of an ARM-based built-in computer. Users only have to plug it in a monitor or TV using any of the provided two micro HDMI ports, add a microSD card, plug it to a mouse and power cord,
and here you go: a standard computer for everyday tasks, including media
playback or coding.

It’s already out and available for sale for $70 as a
standalone machine. It also comes with a complete package including a power supply, mouse, HDMI cable, microSD card, and beginner’s guide, all these
for only $100.

These optional bundle components make the device
more appealing and user-friendly. Of course, this is crucial when you’re
targeting people who can afford reasonable working Linux PC. This device can
come in handy for children who are learning to code.

No. it’s not a DIY project but a full-fledged
consumer electronics, in case you’re wondering! “It can sit under your Christmas tree and… if you open your parents at 9 o’clock, by 10 o’clock you can be sitting in front of your television with a computer,” said Raspberry Pi’s founder – Eben Upton.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a compact keyboard with a built-in computer - The  Verge

Source: The Verge

Apart from its form factor and keyboard, the
Raspberry Pi 400 is almost similar to previous Raspberry Pi 4. Thought, it
consists of a bit faster quad-core 1.8GHz ARM Cortex-A72 CPU, Gigabit Ethernet, 4GB of RAM, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 5.0.

It also has two micro HDMI ports, a single USB 2.0 port and two USB 3.0 ports. It gets its power through a USB-C port,
users can insert a microSD card for storage. It has a GPIO header, allowing
users to attach multiple more relevant devices.

The device comes in a pink and white color theme…
yeah, that’s what we were all wondering! Well, Upton does admit that Pi 400’s
pink and white color theme doesn’t really match with a business person’s

“We’re going to need to make it in gray and black and it’s going to break our hearts,” he jokes. “We make our products in pink and white and we think it’s the right color and then we are dragged kicking and screaming to gray and black.”

For developers and designers or whoever prefers to
do some heavy tasks, Raspberry Pi is probably not the device you should go for.
It’s the perfect gadget for students who want to have a basic computer to learn to code, attend online classes, write assignments or carry out minor
activities that don’t involve heavy loads.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is available from today.
People in the UK, US, and France can purchase a $100 kit right now, while
people in Italy, Germany, and Spain have to wait for the next week to get their
hands-on the gadget.

Updated November 4, 2020
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