The Secret Behind Unordered Amazon Packages Showing Up On Porches

  • AUTHOR: anam
  • POSTED ON: August 17, 2020

Oh, so you’re getting unordered and unexpected free stuff, right at your doorstep?

Don’t celebrate because there’s no Santa and you didn’t get a jackpot! Actually, it’s part of a scam and a matter of grave concern!


The Better Business Bureau is warning customers that there is a creepy consequence to this new scam, where fake companies earn profit from your unexpected delivery windfall.

The scam is dubbed as “Brushing”, in which customers are receiving unsolicited packages from Amazon at their doorstep. You must be scratching your head wondering who placed the order for these items for you. Also, you are unable to find the return address on these boxes as only Amazon address is mentioned.

As far as the delivered items are concerned, people are receiving a humidifier, flashlight, hand warmer, a computer vacuum cleaner and a Bluetooth speaker.

Why would any company send you free stuff?

The companies involved in such a scam are usually third-party foreign sellers, using your Amazon information and address. Their aim is to create a deception that you’re their usual purchaser, and they must have already written a glorifying online review on behalf of you. Through this scam, they are eyeing on positive and improved online ratings which leads them to more sales. The delivered packages are like an investment for them, and they probably get much more in return than what they’ve spent on you.

Why it is a matter of concern for you?

Because they have your address and personal information, duh!

The fact that you have received those parcels at your doorstep, meaning they already have your name, address, number and probably credit card details. Once they get their hands on your personal data, it can be used for many crooked purposes. And if you have added your credit card details on your Amazon account, be prepared for unexpected transactions and stuff being delivered again to your doorstep.

What to do if you have received such parcels?

● Inform Amazon

Fake reviews and brushing are not part of Amazon’s policies. Notifying them will help the company to inspect and take action.

● Change account passwords

Receiving unsolicited packages, meaning your personal information is now compromised. Consider changing your account details and passwords to ensure data security.

● In case, if you’re wondering what to do with that unordered stuff?

Well, you can celebrate now because you can keep those stuff. Yes!

According to British Columbia, the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act allows you and gives you a legal right to retain unordered stuff that is sent to you.

Updated August 17, 2020
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