The US Government & Technology Are Ready To Fly High With AI!

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  • POSTED ON: May 16, 2023

Though AI (Artificial intelligence) has been around for a while. It’s safe to say it has taken over the world now. Almost every other sector is influenced and affected by it. And just like that, the next on the list are the leaders of technology businesses and the United States government, joining hands to make this influence positive and ethical. 

But how will that happen? Does the US have effective strategies to make the use of AI ethical? Or What do the Biden-Harris duo have to say about this matter? Let’s discuss it in this blog. And after covering all the points, we can form a mutual conclusion! Sounds good? 

The Strong Hold Of Generative AI

Last year, OpenAI’s ChatGPT took everyone’s breath away. From tech geniuses to regular folks like you and me, everyone got excited.  

Though everything appeared interesting at first. People are now finding some downsides of such an influence, such as privacy invasion and a lot more. 

But the most concerning side-effect is the misuse of this new power. It’s understandable that people love to try new things and push boundaries. Yet, such amusement has led to the spread of misinformation, increased security threats, and attracting risks such as cyber-attacks and scams.  

So, we’ve got to understand here that we can’t overlook these risks, especially now. 

The US Government & Technology Are Ready To Fly High With AI!

White House’s Measures To Ensure Ethical Use Of AI 

Earlier, the White House came up with a few measures to deal with the possible problems and ensure the ethical use of AI. We’ve listed and discussed them briefly in the next sections; 

New Investments 

The National Science Foundation raised $140 million for seven National AI Research Institutes not long ago. But compared to the amount raised by private companies, it has fallen short. 

Opportunities To Grow With AI Centers 

Though the U.S. government’s investments in AI are much smaller compared to other countries like China. We can make a bigger impact by working together with educational institutes. 

And the best way to do that is by letting the government support the leading AI research and development centers. Such collaboration will drive innovation and create new opportunities for businesses using AI.

But the real deal would be to help such centers work with big companies. In this way, things will be more efficient and the customer’s experiences can improve. 

The Possible Outcomes

Not only this, such centers can also educate the next generation of AI experts. For example, the students will learn the latest technology, work on real projects, and learn from industry experts. 

Further, by being proactive and welcoming, the US government can make a future where AI enhances human work instead of replacing it. 

Avoiding The Bias & Heading To A Diverse Future 

AI models need to be accurate, reliable, and unbiased for better results. For example, if we continue to rely on old data gathered on misrepresented poor populations in urban areas. Then, we wouldn’t progress at all. 

And the same thing happens in the financial lending process where institutions use AI algorithms to make decisions. 

The US Government & Technology Are Ready To Fly High With AI!

Battling Bias In AI 

To fight such biases, the administration has new opportunities for the DEFCON 31 AI Village model. It’s a collaborative forum for everyone to work on AI developments. And the key players like Google, NVIDIA, and Microsoft are also on board. 

Opting For The Best Practices 

Since just thinking about ways isn’t enough and taking action on them is necessary too. The administration will engage with enterprises directly. 

Further, this model assessment will help everyone aligns with the principles and practices outlined in the Biden-Harris Blueprint. So, if everything goes as planned, we can expect good results soon! 

US Government’s Policies & Rules

Don’t worry, there’s a plan to ensure all the strategies and policies the US government has come up with. 

For example, the Office of Management and Budget will create rules on how the government can use AI systems. In this way, people will be able to give their opinions on these rules. 

But to make sure these rules actually matter, there need to be actions and consequences. Otherwise, mere suggestions won’t be much effective. 

The best example of this is the rules made by the NIST. Most government bodies have to follow those rules regardless. Just like that, the government needs to implement the AI rules similarly if they want to see the results. 

Strategies To Cope With AI Advancements

Here are a few possible strategies that the US government can acquire to make pace with the ongoing AI advancement; 

  • Prioritizing Transparency & Accountability

Companies and individuals should use AI technologies with thoughtfulness. 

  • Ethical Research & Development

There should be plans to invest in ethical AI research and development. By doing this, we can overcome challenges like bias, privacy, and ethical considerations. 

Further, engaging with diverse perspectives and communities is necessary for a well-rounded approach.

  • Establishing Clear Guidelines & Regulations

There should be clear guidelines and regulations to develop and deploy AI technologies. Further, concerns like ethical implications, privacy protection, and fairness should be addressed. 

The US Government & Technology Are Ready To Fly High With AI!

Though it’s impossible to stop AI advancement. It depends on us how we use this technology. It’s a good thing that the US government has understood this and is ready to fly high with the AI. 

And if the above-stated rules and policies work effectively, we can see a positive change quite soon.

Updated May 16, 2023
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