These Eight Google Chrome extensions will definitely make your life easier!

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  • POSTED ON: September 21, 2020

Google Chrome has its own boons and banes, but the
most significant one is the number of browser extensions it has on the Chrome
store. While some of the extensions enhance your browsing experience, it’s
frustrating to find the perfect one from the mountain of extensions and there’s
a chance that you might be missing out if you haven’t searched for them!

Chrome extensions are quite handy, especially if
your work requires you on the web 24/7. From totally recognizing your mailbox,
correcting grammar in your email, filtering out adult content, and to
the-most-wanted ad blockers, extensions can do (almost) everything!

To help you find the most useful ones, we‘ve
rounded up a list of some handy extensions that will definitely make you say ”where
the hell were you all along!”

Save to
Google Drive

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This extension is quite self-explanatory, as it
allows you to add whatever the goddamn thing you’re watching or reading to add
in your Google Drive account for later viewing. The option in the right-click
menu offers greater functionalities.

It allows you to take screenshots, save images,
audios, or even videos. It’s a quicker way to send something to the cloud
storage for accessing it later with different devices.


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The Sortd Chrome extension comes with Gmail that
allows you to drag and drop and manage messages into custom columns. It also offers you
to take notes and maintain a to-do list in the sidebar— particularly handy for
those who don’t keep track of their given tasks at work.


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Honey is one of the most widely-used and
well-known chrome extensions for all right reasons. It provides a quick and
easier way to search coupons and discounts offered while shopping online. This
extension will definitely save your bucks!

It’s simply impossible to keep track of all the discount
offers and coupons, but this extension has made it so much easier! With this
extension, you can purchase anything for the best price and deals.


Despite all the advancements and updates in the
browsing arsenal, downloading things is still the most frustrating part of the
experience—unless you have this extension.

Usually, you have to open another tap to look at
the things you’ve downloaded, but Download Manager makes a list of the
downloads in a single drop-down menu that is easy to access from the browser window’s right corner.

You can instantly access your downloaded files
without having to open other windows.


Source: Mashable

For as many advancements the internet has made
over the last years, online browsing is still a risky experience, where your
data can be easily compromised anywhere at any time. Sometimes, it is difficult
to identify which websites are secure or which one contain malicious content
and virus.

That’s when HTTPS Everywhere kicks in to secure
your browsing experience! This extension enables you to switch the default “http” to https”, of any website, which is encrypted and safer!

don’t care about cookies

We all care about cookies as long as they’re perfectly
baked and full of chocolate chips! But the cookies we’re talking about here are
definitely the ones we all hate!

Many websites use “cookies” to track user
information to enhance their web experience. According to European regulations,
it’s indispensable for website owners to ask for user’s permission to use
cookies on their website, which (TBH) is very frustrating and annoying!

This Chrome extension frees you from the hassle of
hitting that “I agree” button. It’s truly a godsend when it comes to saving
your precious few seconds.

colorblindness extensions

Source: Mashable

Some people have impaired vision and they can’t see
the world in its true colors. If you’re one of those who find it hard to
distinguish between the website’s icons and options, the Dalton Chrome extension
comes in to provide you with colored solutions.

It offers options for three distinctive colorblindness types. Users can choose one and adjust their browser display according
to their preferences.



Source: Mashable

Everyone hates when YouTube’s video starts buffering or when it takes
forever to upload an attachment in your email, right? Sometimes you gotta check
your internet speed before downloading any big file or streaming a video. And
for that, you’ll need a Speedtest extension.

Just select the “Go” button and Speedtest will run a quick connection
test on no matter which network you’re using.

That’s all for now, hope you’ll find this article useful. Happy

Updated September 21, 2020
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