TikTok Takes Paywall Feature ‘Series’ to the Next Level: Expanding Access for More Creators

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  • POSTED ON: June 8, 2023

Calling all TikTok enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for some exciting news that’s set to revolutionize the world of content creation. TikTok has taken a giant leap forward by expanding its coveted ‘Series’ paywall feature to users in a whopping 94 countries. Yes, you read that right—now, even more, creators have the opportunity to turn their passion into profit!

Remember when TikTok first introduced Series back in March? It was like a game-changer that allowed creators to earn up to $190 and break free from the 10-minute video limit. Well, prepare to be blown away because this time, the feature is breaking down barriers and embracing a wider pool of talent.

TikTok Takes Paywall Feature 'Series' to the Next Level: Expanding Access for More Creators

So, what does this mean for creators?

With Series, they can tantalize their audience by offering an exclusive collection of content behind a paywall. Think of it as unlocking a treasure trove of creativity! And that’s not all—these trailblazing creators can now take their videos to new heights with a maximum video duration of 20 minutes. That’s double the time to entertain, inspire, and connect with their fans on a deeper level.

But of course, not just anyone can dive into this golden opportunity. TikTok has set a few requirements to ensure the cream of the crop can rise to the top. Creators must have at least 10,000 followers and a 30-day-old account to qualify. Oh, and don’t forget—they need to have a clean record when it comes to TikTok’s Community Guidelines. It’s all about promoting a positive and safe environment, after all.

To apply for the Series, users can visit the Creator Center within the TikTok app.

In a recent update, TikTok expressed its commitment to improving revenue opportunities for creators on the platform. The company stated that the Series is still in its early stages, and they are actively exploring ways to enhance the experience for the creator community and the rewards they receive. TikTok eagerly anticipates feedback from its community on these developments.

TikTok recently introduced a pair of fresh creator funds. The first is the Creativity Program, which enables users in the United States to monetize their original videos exceeding one minute in duration. The second fund, known as Effect Creator Rewards, rewards individuals who craft effects utilizing TikTok’s augmented reality (AR) development platform.

In a move that further cements its commitment to supporting and empowering content creators, TikTok, the popular short-form video platform, recently introduced two new creator funds: the Creativity Program and Effect Creator Rewards. These initiatives open up exciting opportunities for TikTok users to monetize their creativity and expertise while fueling the platform’s vibrant and diverse creative community.

The Creativity Program, specifically tailored for users in the United States, presents an enticing prospect for content creators looking to showcase their talents beyond the usual short-form videos. With this program, TikTok aims to encourage the production of original videos that exceed the traditional one-minute limit.

By extending the video length and providing a platform for long-form content, TikTok enables creators to delve deeper into their chosen topics, share valuable insights, and entertain audiences in more comprehensive and engaging ways.

One of the key advantages of the Creativity Program is its potential to unlock a new wave of innovative and thought-provoking content. Creators now have the freedom to explore complex narratives, present in-depth tutorials, or craft immersive storytelling experiences. This expanded canvas empowers them to showcase their creativity, skills, and passions with greater depth and nuance, appealing to a broader range of viewers who appreciate longer, more substantive videos.

In parallel, TikTok’s Effect Creator Rewards fund recognizes the pivotal role of augmented reality (AR) in shaping the platform’s visual experience. This fund seeks to reward talented creators who leverage TikTok’s AR development platform to design and develop captivating effects. These effects, ranging from interactive filters and stickers to 3D objects and animations, enhance the overall visual aesthetic and user engagement on the platform.

By establishing the Effect Creator Rewards fund, TikTok not only acknowledges the invaluable contributions of AR creators but also incentivizes the continuous exploration and innovation in AR development. This initiative is likely to fuel the creation of increasingly immersive and captivating effects, elevating the user experience and ensuring that TikTok remains at the forefront of visual storytelling and creativity.

The introduction of these two creator funds signifies TikTok’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment that values and rewards creativity. By empowering creators with the potential to monetize their long-form content and AR creations, TikTok acknowledges their contributions as the lifeblood of the platform’s success. Moreover, these funds inspire a new generation of creators to push boundaries, experiment with different formats, and strive for excellence in their content.

In conclusion, TikTok’s launch of the Creativity Program and Effect Creator Rewards is a testament to its dedication to nurturing and empowering content creators. These initiatives expand the possibilities for creators to express their creativity, connect with audiences on a deeper level, and earn recognition for their innovative contributions. As TikTok continues to prioritize the needs and aspirations of its creator community, it solidifies its position as a leading platform for content creation and fosters an environment where creativity thrives.

Updated June 8, 2023
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