TikTok Will Be Banned In Weeks

  • AUTHOR: dua
  • POSTED ON: July 17, 2020

After India, the US had
also announced to restrict the famous and wildly flourishing Chinese app
TikTok. Last week, Mike Pompeo had announced that the Trump administration is
keen on banning the app after which Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows also claimed
that the ban could be implemented sooner than expected.

He said: “There are a number of administration
officials who are looking at the national security risk as it relates to
TikTok, WeChat and other apps that have the potential for national security
exposure, specifically as it relates to the gathering of information on
American citizens by a foreign adversary. I don’t think there’s any
self-imposed deadline for action, but I think we are looking at weeks, not months.”

Although TikTok has
denied security concerns and has taken measures to
itself from Douyin
. In fact, TikTok has even put a new CEO
in charge!

is led by an American CEO, with hundreds of employees and key leaders across
safety, security, product, and public policy here in the US. We have no higher
priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users. We have
never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would we do so if
– The company’s response to Pompeo’s accusations.

Despite the
explanations, many
remain unconvinced and aren’t done pointing fingers
at China’s national intelligence that forces user data out of the company.

Honestly, nobody knows
what’s true anymore because if you’re to accuse TikTok, then you must bring
many US-based apps into question as well. And really, we all know why the US is so
adamant on banning this app – and it’s not only because of the security issues.

Believe it or not,
TikTok has given a platform to many creative individuals globally to show their
talent and make a good fortune. In the next generation, we’re about to see
content creators be idolized by the fans instead of actors and moviemakers.
This is the way it is – and the internet on its own is a terrible place because ALL
governments are watching you and have access to all kinds of information. So,
let’s not pretend to put blame on just one app.

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Updated July 17, 2020
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