Truecaller Unveils Exclusive Call Recording Feature for Premium Users – Enhance Security Guaranteed!

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  • POSTED ON: June 15, 2023

Guess What?

Truecaller, the popular caller identity app, has just unveiled its superpower – call recording! And here’s the best part – it works both on iOS and Android, despite those sneaky restrictions imposed by the operating systems.

How do they do it? Well, Truecaller has come up with a clever trick. They’ve created a dedicated recording line that lets you capture those precious phone conversations.

Now, Android Users can simply use Truecaller’s own dialer to initiate a recording call. But hold on, even if you’re using another fancy dialer, Truecaller won’t let you miss out on the fund.

They have added a nifty floating recording button that magically appears and makes your call recording easy and swift.

On iOS, recording calls can be a bit like juggling flaming bowling pins while tap-dancing. It’s a three-step dance where you summon the Truecaller app, dial a recording line, and then magically merge the calls.

Ta-daaaaa! But Wait.

Wait, wait, wait! There’s more. Just to keep things interesting, the other person on the call gets serenaded with a delightful beep, letting them know their words are being immortalized in audio history.

It’s like having your own little symphony of call recordings.

History of Truecaller

Picture this – Truecaller, the superhero of call recording, swept onto the Android scene in 2018, premium gifting users with the power to capture their conversations.

But the story took an unexpected twist in 2022 when the mighty Google, like a mischievous villain, decided to limit access to its previous Accessibility API.

This API was the secret sauce that allowed apps like Truecaller to work their call recording magic. Alas, Trucaller had to bid farewell to its beloved feature, leaving users mourning the loss of their audio time capsules.

It was a battle of technology titans, and sadly, Trucaller had to retreat from the recording realm.  But now, the quest for call recording continues, and who knows what surprises the future holds?

What Else Do They Have on the Menu?

Hold onto your hats, folks, because, Truecaller has some mind-blowing features in the pipeline! In just a few weeks, users will be able to bask in the transcripts, capturing every word of their recorded conversations.

But wait, there’s more! Truecaller isn’t just stopping at plain old transcripts. They’re kicking it up a notch by introducing the ability to search through these transcripts.

Need to find that crucial nugget of information buried in a recorded call? Truecaller will be your trusty detective, helping you dig out the hidden phrases of your conversations.

During a call with a credible news source, Raphael Mimoun, the Cloud Telephony Product Director at the company, stated that all recordings and transcripts would be stored on the device, ensuring that Truecaller would not retain any data in the cloud.

To enable these capabilities, Truecaller makes use of advanced technology acquired from CallHero, a startup founded by Raphael Mimoun, which was acquired by the Swedish company last year.

Is Truecaller Really Unique?

While Truecaller’s approach is not entirely unique, as solutions like RecMycalls and Tapeacall have also employed similar methods for call recording, Truecaller distinguishes itself by prioritizing two crucial aspects – storing data locally and refraining from gathering any user information.

This approach sets Truecaller apart and charts a new path in the industry by ensuring enhanced privacy and security for its users.

By keeping the data storage local and avoiding the collection of personal information, Truecaller provides a heightened level of control and protection to its users, making it a preferred choice for those who prioritize safety in their communication experiences.

Does Truecaller Really Ensure Privacy?

In 2022, The Caravan, an Indian Magazine, published a story alleging that Truecaller gathered users’ data without their consent. However, the company subsequently refuted these allegations in an official statement, denying any unauthorized collection of user data.

But, Can You All Use This Feature For Free?

After conducting tests with selected iOS users in the US, Truecaller is now introducing this feature to all users who have a premium subscription.

As part of the roll-out, Truecaller is now providing three subscription plans in the US market.

These include a basic ad-free plan priced at $1 per month, a premium plan incorporating call recording at $3.99 per month, and a top-tier plan featuring call screening assistance at $4.49 per month.

According to Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder of Truecaller, the company has plans to introduce this feature in numerous countries, including India, which is its largest market.

Furthermore, Truecaller is actively exploring methods to notify users if artificial intelligence (AI) is present on the other end of a call. In 2018, Google unveiled Duplex, a conversational assistant designed to assist with booking appointments.

During its introduction, Google emphasized its efforts to ensure the bot sounded natural in its interactions.

Zarringhalam mentioned that Truecaller is currently streamlining its subscription tiers and contemplating how to provide users with different levels of features that align with their needs at various price points.

The Final Words

Truecaller has established a significant user base, with over half a million users in the US and a global user count surpassing over 350 million. Its largest market, India, boasts an impressive 100 million users.

While the company reported an 18% increase in subscribers year-on-year in its latest earnings report, subscriptions accounted for approximately 12% of its revenue. The majority of the company’s revenue still stems from advertising.

These statistics indicate that while Truecaller has experienced growth in paid users, its monetization primarily relies on its advertising model.

As Truecaller continues to refine its subscription tiers and offer features that cater to user needs at various price points, it will be quite interesting to observe how the company further evolves its revenue streams in the future.

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Updated June 15, 2023
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