Twitter Introduces Paid ‘Super Follows’ to Let You Cash Your Exclusive Tweets

  • AUTHOR: midhat
  • POSTED ON: February 26, 2021

Let those money-making tweets rolling!

On Thursday, Twitter announced two of its new features: a
feature that allows users to charge followers for access to “exclusive content”,
and the ability to join and create groups centered on particular interests, similar
to the way subreddits work.

Dubbed as “Super Follow,” the feature will allow users to
capitalize on their precious tweets. But it remains to be seen whether followers
would be willing to pay for reading those tweets.

These features are two of the most significant changes to
the platform lately, but would it be beneficial? Well, we have to wait till its
launch to find out.

While the final details may be subject to change, the
features displayed during Thursday’s call include a “supporter badge,”
“community access,” a $4.99 per month subscription plan that also includes
“subscriber-only newsletters” and other perceived advantages.

Among the displays, the company showed a tweet with a “Super
Followers” label with the disclaimer “Only Super Followers can view and reply.”

And if you’re an influencer, get ready for some paid followers to charge for tweets, as this new feature will allow you to charge users for content.

Twitter also introduced a feature called Communities – a
twitter version of Facebook groups or subreddits – allowing people to join and
create groups based on specific interests such as animals or plants, or
politics, or whatever the hell they want!

This feature aims to let users have access to interest-centric
tweets. Communities like these have been a huge success on Facebook (and also a
massive moderation problem too), since twitter is an open-ended platform. This
feature will allow users to interact and engage in the conversations that
they’re interested in and passionate about.

As of now, the launch date of Super Follow the details about
its accessibility are yet to be announced. We have reached out to Twitter for
further details on these big upcoming features, but they didn’t want to give away much of
the specifics.

“Exploring audience funding opportunities like Super Follows
will allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience
and will incentivize them to continue creating content that their audience
loves,” said the company’s representative. “Super Follows is not available yet,
but we will have more to share in the coming months.”

Twitter, however, did comment on the idea behind this
newly-introduced feature.

“Our purpose is to serve the public conversation,” said a representative.
“As a part of that work, we are examining and rethinking the incentives of our
service – the behaviors that our product features encourage and discourage as
people participate in conversation on Twitter.”

While the concept behind these features sounds pretty
promising, some users on the social media platform are not happy with it. They
expressed their dislike and disappointment on Twitter under the hashtag

Here’s how they are reacting to the news:

Clearly, users were in dire need of an “edit” feature but it
seems like the social media platform just doesn’t understand that. The company
is introducing new features yet fails to launch one simple feature that we all have
been begging for so long: the ability to edit a tweet after uploading it! It hurts
when you gotta delete a tweet with 100 Retweets and likes only because it has a
spelling mistake. For the love of God, how long will it take for twitter to
finally listen to its users!

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Updated February 26, 2021
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