Verizon Media Launched a Privacy-Directed Search Engine

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  • POSTED ON: February 4, 2020

Verizon Media is giving competition to DuckDuckGo, with its new privacy-focused search engine. It has created OneSearch to be both desktop and mobile-friendly. The search engine considers the user’s privacy and provides a platform for users to carry out their searches securely. 

Source: Lifehacker

According to Verizon media, “OneSearch doesn’t track, store, or share personal or search data with advertisers, giving users greater control of their personal information in a search context. Businesses with an interest in security can partner with Verizon Media to integrate OneSearch into their privacy and security products, giving their customers another measure of control.”

Unlike Google or other mainstream search engines, Verizon’s OneSearch not only tracks or store cookies of the user’s recent searches but also avoids handing out the user’s searches to advertising companies. As a result of this, users can dodge advertisements related to their recent searches.

Additionally, Verizon’s OneSearch also comes with a self-destruct feature. With this option, the search result links are automatically destroyed after one hour. This function is especially beneficial for users who share a device with other family members.

However, OneSearch does support advertisements and what makes it different is that the advertisement shows are strictly based on the user’s search query, instead of the user’s search history and prior preferences.

OneSearch is distinct from DuckDuckGo, as it is more thorough in its privacy measures. It includes the following features:

• OneSearch doesn’t track cookies.

• OneSearch does not engage in personal profiling.

• There is no retargeting.

• OneSearch does not store/save user search history.

• It provides unbiased search results.

• OneSearch offers encrypted search results.

In a press release, Michael Albers, Verizon Media’s head of consumer products stated, “We deeply believe in consumer trust and choice, both for our user community and our partners. In support of our commitment to trust and transparency, we are excited to launch OneSearch, an innovative new online search experience built for privacy-minded searchers.”

Source: Verizonmedia

OneSearch is also easy to use. Its interface is designed with a dark mode, and light mode and the default (dark mode) is activated when the privacy features are turned on. Users can manually turn the advanced privacy settings off by clicking the toggle button on the screen.

With the advanced privacy settings switched off, the interface enters a light mode with a simplistic design. According to the designers, the website can be used by any individuals who have used a search engine before.

Source: Venture beat

The search engine is expected to gain popularity as it has launched itself in a time where the need for privacy is eminent. According to the latest technology news, OneSearch is only available in North America; however, very soon, it will be released in other countries.

Updated February 4, 2020
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