Volkswagen Drops Plans for New Concept Vehicle

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  • POSTED ON: March 25, 2020

Right now it’s hard to find any news that isn’t about the pandemic that just doesn’t seem to go away. From memes to stats, our news feeds are filled with different kinds of information and honestly, we all deserve a break. Therefore, we present to you a refreshing update about Volkswagen amid these chaotic times.

The German company was scheduled to reveal their plans for next-generation microbuses and Tuesday came with the good news of their very electric idea for the vehicle.


A converted 1966 T1 Samba Bus, known as e-BULLI is said to be fully electric but much to the delight of the fans, quite retro. Do you remember all those 60s movies featuring action scenes on the streets of California? This would remind you exactly of that- just more modern and with exciting technology.

The converted model was constructed in Hannover and as revealed by the company, it can go 12 miles on a single charge with its 45 kWh-lithium ion battery. The charging port is situated at the back of the bus underneath the license plate.

Source: Mashable

The exterior may have a retro look but the interior speaks another story. It cannot be more different than the 60s look the converted model otherwise presents. The T1 (short for Type 1) has wooden flowers and a strikingly new paint job. There are eight seats in total with a digital display that contains all the information you need to know about the range necessary for an electric vehicle.

The radio in the front, however, would take you right back to the era of Billy Joel but don’t be deceived. There is a lot of technology hidden behind as it has the options of Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The car can also be monitored via Volkswagen mobile app.

Source: Mashable

The eight-seater model just awaits the people to fill it and go on a road trip but too bad, that cannot happen with the lockdown situation we are all experiencing. Anyways, after the pandemic is over you can definitely head out to buy it to suit your style. The concept car is available for $64 900 which is quite reasonable if you consider all the VW models.

Updated March 25, 2020
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