WhatsApp Goes Dark – Here’s How You Can Get It

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  • POSTED ON: February 4, 2020

WhatsApp has a new look, and it’s dark, just the way we prefer.

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Although it isn’t confirmed when the dark mode of WhatsApp will be rolled out globally, the good news is that it’s up for a test drive if you’re part of the android beta program. This means that the palette of the app can change after assuming the results of the beta tests.

Isn’t it exciting when an app gets a new update? We know, your mind is flooded with numerous questions right now, but since this app is so widely used, the enthusiasm makes complete sense.

So, what is this new feature? When will it be rolled out? How can you get it? Does it make any difference in the user’s experience? These questions are justified, and we’ll take them one at a time.

When it comes to WhatsApp, the dark mode is considered to be in demand for quite some time now. Hence, if you’re interested, you can switch to another version of WhatsApp – known as the dark mode. The current palette is comprised of a green and grey combination and by choosing the dark mode, you can switch it to the shade of black, teal, and midnight blue. This fresh look doesn’t alter the overall design, but it gives the app a rather modernized appeal. In addition to this, you don’t have to bid farewell to the older version. In fact, an option for both modes will be available, and you can pick according to your preference.

If you’re wondering that there was no need for this new option, then you’re completely dismissive of the health benefits it prevails. Do you know that many users find this darker version easier to use than the previous one? First of all, you can use it for a longer period without having to experience symptoms of digital eye strain. Furthermore, the glare is reduced significantly as compared to the bright colored interface. 

Another reason why this option is advantageous is that your device will consume lesser battery. This way, you would have one less thing to worry about in life. And to sum it up, the dark mode is simply cooler. Think about it. Black is the only color that allows contrast with literally all colors. Look at this chart and make your judgments. 

Source: Blog.weeklydone

Now comes the important question: How to enable the dark mode in WhatsApp?

To begin with, you have to sign up on the Google Play store for the beta testing program. As of now, the iOS program is full, so it’s a sad day for iPhone users. However, the good thing is that you don’t have to reinstall the app and go through the unnecessary hassle to get this feature. Simply enroll yourself in the program, and you’ll be able to receive this option the next time your app is updated.

After the update, you can restart the app and check out the “settings” option present at the top right corner. Here, you will find a brand new option of theme where you can select between the dark and light mode.

This is what the dark mode would look like.

Source: Android Authority 

So, are you ready to come to the dark side? 

Updated February 4, 2020
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