With New Microletta, You Can Drive Around Without License

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  • POSTED ON: March 10, 2020

In 2015, the original design for Microlino 2.0 was revealed, but on 4th March 2020, it was bought for the audience for the first time.

Source: The Verge

Even though the Geneva Auto show was cancelled, Switzerland’s Micro-Mobility systems decided to carry out the event on a live stream. But the people were just as psyched about the futuristic concepts, and the vehicle reveal was a hit.A third-wheel Micoletta electric motorbike that moves with the speed of 80km/h was also presented. It doesn’t even require the driving licence for motorbikes, and this was the factor that appealed to everyone the most.

The other structure, four-wheel Microlino 2.0, is the latest in the line of microcars, previously seen during the post-World War era in Europe. Experts say that the structure of this microcar is close to the Italian-designed Iso Isetta “bubble car” that BMW released.

Source: The Verge

The Microlino 2.0 also has the same speed of 90 km/h as its predecessor and can go up to 200KM maximum. The best part is that the price is also similar and it would be available for the public in 2012 for $13 350. The company says the orders have reached more than 17000 so they are working to ensure safety with the help of customer reviews and reports.

Source: The Verge

Microlino 2.0 is constructed with steel and aluminium body, and a wider rear axle has been added to fit front and rear independent suspensions. The car would be present with a new engine that is more powerful (15 KW) and contains more efficiency.

Source: Electrive.com

The fact that the car is taller opens so many possibilities like a spacious interior, better visibility, more compact battery pack and narrow A-pillar. Microbio is only 2.4 metres long, so if you consider a local parking spot, you can fit at least 3 of these in the space. An aluminium bar is fixed that runs from side to side in the memory of the Micro kick scooter that made the company famous.

As for the interior, it has also changed because the Microlino steering claim is now fixed and disconnected to the door. So, if you were worried about limited entering and exiting space before, the company has solved your issues. The dash has become entirely digital, and according to reports, the seats are incredibly comfortable.

You can connect your smartphone, Bluetooth speakers or any other device to the dashboard and enjoy a fantastic experience.

Source: Electrek

For those of you who are planning to buy a Microletta three-wheel motorbike, you should know that the company has improved the grip of wheels. So now the braking distance has been minimised, and it can stand upright when you press brakes at an intersection. Like mentioned above, even though the speed is relatively high, you do not need a special motorbike license because it has been put into the category of the tricycle. The bike can fit two removable batteries of a range of over 100 Km, but the price is estimated around $54 50 because the production for the vehicle has yet to start.

Updated March 10, 2020
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