Xbox Series X Released: Check Availability at Amazon, Walmart, and More

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  • POSTED ON: November 10, 2020

Xbox Series X releases
this Tuesday and here’s where you can find Microsoft’s high-end next-generation

Attention! The day
you’ve all been waiting for is here. You can now get Xbox Series X for $499
along with Xbox Series S for $299 only. The world of gamers is suddenly full of
pixies and ponies because these brand new bad boys are making their entry with guns
blazing! You can buy the new console – it is four times the processing power of
Xbox One – with backward compatibility. It comes with a variety of Xbox One
games and original Xbox titles.

It’s okay if you were
unable to preorder Xbox back in September – the window was too short and the
websites crashed like always. But you do have a fighting chance at snagging the
new console after November 10th. Unlike Sony whose new PS5 launch
will only be online, Microsoft has other plans. You can start scouring online
stores for inventory and manage expectations. We believe there will be limited
quantities available throughout the year.

  • Xbox Series X – Game Pass is slated to
    be the secret weapon
  • Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S: The
    comparison leads to only one difference which is 4K vs. 1440
  •  Xbox Series X offers the best games that
    you’ll need to play

Anyway, below is a list
of major retailers that are selling the Xbox Series X and various gaming console bundles. You should first check
out the $499 retail price and avoid buying other pricy retailer bundles. They add extra controllers, games, and accessories, but focus on what’s


Of course, Amazon comes
with the best selling price – its comparatively less expensive and the product
page is the same as before.

Best Buy

Back in September, Best
Buy was literally the last one standing in terms of accepting preorders under pre-sale. Again,
it is more ready than ever to offer you Xbox Series X. Get it now and follow our order guide!


This is another
retailer that is offering you Xbox Series X from November 10.


Walmart has done a
fabulous job at pointing availability of Windows for PS5 as well as Xbox on its
Social media page. You can tout another turn of inventory when you visit the
site again at noon ET. Also, check out the retailers landing page that offers
new Xbox consoles. 


For November 10,
GameStop has arranged a limited set of Xbox Series X and S consoles. They are
also expected to be pricier than the rest. But hey, if you want it, get it.


Target is also offering
Xbox Series for a fair price so grab yours at the eve of November 10.


Of course, if you want
to grab the latest Xbox Series X, you should visit Microsoft’s official
website. This website will let you know the accurate specifications,
games-related announcements, and other details regarding the controller, etc.



Updated November 10, 2020
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