You Can Now Adjust Sensitivity of Voice Commands on Google’s Smart Devices

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: April 22, 2020

Google has planned to release a voice detection feature that will allow you to customize sensitivity on Google Assistant devices.

Even though Google has yet to release the features, Mishaal Rahman, editor-in-chief of XDA Developers told The Verge that he was able to access the feature by tinkering with the Google Home app’s code.

Source: The Verge

Rahman posted some screenshots on his Twitter account that show how you can increase or reduce the sensitivity with which Google Assistant devices pick up the commands. The most basic command right now is “Hey Google” and you can use a slider to adjust it according to your convenience.

Google already announced the plans of adjusting listening sensitivity last September so this new update means that the chances of accidental activation of Google Assistant will now reduce.

Updated April 22, 2020
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