You Can Now Get a Free PC Version of The Witcher 3

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: June 17, 2020

All Xbox and PS4 owners
can now play The Witcher 3 on their PCs for free!


The Witcher 3 was
released in 2015 but the PC version gained the most popularity because unlike
consoles, you’re not limited to an average frame rate of around 30 FPS and the
screen resolution is higher than 720p and 900p.


Even though The Witcher
3 updated the Xbox and PS4 version later to 4K resolution and introduced HDR
support, the visuals overall worsened and this is why the PC version is still
the best among all of them.


Source: The Verge

Other than the
solution, the PC version also contains downloadable fan-made mods that can add
a lot of things in the area such as more loot from defeated creatures or
obscure add-ons like chicken helmets for your NPCs.


Even if you already
have the PC version, you can still take the free copy and gift it to a friend.
GOG provides a DRM-free copy unlike Steam or the Epic Games Store and the
studio will also add some extra digital goodies like the game’s soundtrack.


So you have until June
23rd to get your hands on the free game. You just have to go through the company’s
GOG Galaxy desktop game library app and claim your PC version.


Updated June 17, 2020
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