You Can Unlock iPhones While Wearing Face Masks Now

  • AUTHOR: isbah
  • POSTED ON: May 21, 2020

Apple has always been efficient with its features and yesterday, the company released iOS 13.5 with two new updates. This is directly linked to the coronavirus pandemic that is now forcing all the users around the world to wear masks in public spaces.

However, unlocking a phone with Face ID while wearing the protective gear was getting a little too hectic so Apple announced that it would be rolling out some updates.

The Verge

Now, with Google and Apple’s joint effort involving the notification system, unlocking the iPhone has gotten much easier. Previously, if your face was covered and the software did not recognize you, it took a couple of seconds before the phone allowed you to enter the alternate passcode. In iOS 13, however, you would be able to do so by swiping once from the bottom of the screen as the option would be visible right away. 

his update also allows you to access all the applications developed by public health agencies that will notify you of the current situation of the virus, especially if you have been in contact with any infected or treated patient.

With iOS 13, you can also turn off the feature in Group FaceTime calls that makes changes to the windows of the participants when they are speaking.

Updated May 21, 2020
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