Your Assistance Is Required By the World’s First Poop Database

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  • POSTED ON: November 19, 2019

Give a shit for science.

Science can now decode your poop. Yes, you heard that right.

A famous microbial health company Seed has recently launched a campaign that decodes the images of your stool. Basically, the launched campaign is targeting approximately 100,000 pictures of feces so that developers can use it for poop image database. These scientists will use your uploaded images to train artificial intelligence.  

To give you the background, it is an already discovered fact that 1 in 5 people in America suffers from chronic gut conditions like irritable bowel movement. Hence, the idea behind this service is to help doctors and researchers with an additional diagnostic tool that aids patients to manage their health better. This way, by providing the samples of your stool, you could help science improve health conditions.

“We don’t always think about stool as like a daily data — I’m putting air quotes around “dump” — but really, as a direct output of our gut health,” This is the official statement provided by Ara Katz who is the co-founder and Co – CEO of Seed Health.

If you want to offer your stool to help 1 in 5 people, then follow the steps below.

Use your phone to take the picture because you’re really weird if you take your laptop to the loo? Jokes aside, the app only allows you to submit the picture through your phone.

Now that you’ve taken the disgusting picture, you have to go to the official website of this company that is and click on the #GIVEaSHIT button.

Next, you’ll be asked some uncomfortable questions like are you on a morning, evening, or a night poop schedule?

Furthermore, you’ll be required to enter your email address and only after that can you upload your poop.

After you upload the image, it will be separated from the metadata to ensure anonymity and HIPAA compliance. This is it for you. You’ve done enough for humanity. However, this can’t be said about the seven unfortunate gastroenterologist as they will be examining every image uploaded on the website.

These doctors have divided your uploaded poops into seven categories according to the Bistol stool scale. The results will indicate whether you’re constipated, experiencing diarrhea, lacking fiber, and so on. This is some serious disgusting business.

After a thorough examination of the poop, doctors will transfer the knowledge to the artificial intelligence and train them accordingly. Believe it or not, this knowledge and donation will help hundreds and thousands of people around the globe. Hence, your accommodation is for the greater good.

This campaign will serve as an open-source tool and facilitate data to academic researchers who will eventually work towards making progress in the health domain.

This information and research will tremendously help patients with chronic gut disorders. They will be able to take control of their lifestyle and health routines. There are several health conditions caused by an unhealthy gut. Now making food choices and deciding exercise regimes will be comparatively easier for everyone.  

Now the only question remains is: Do you give a shit?

Updated November 19, 2019
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