YouTube is Releasing its Own Version of TikTok

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  • POSTED ON: April 6, 2020

Do you remember when the sole source of entertaining videos for us was YouTube? Well, times have changed and with the release of TikTok, YouTube has found itself some competition.

Even though there has been no major decrease in YouTube’s streaming, the fact that TikTok now has over hundreds of millions of users is enough to make YouTube consider its strategies.

Source: cnet

So, it is launching an application called Shorts which will give access to all licensed music and videos from YouTube to the users and they can upload their own content on the site.
The idea is not complicated for any of us as we have been seeing these short videos on TikTok anyway.

The Information reports that just like TikTok that lets people choose from the range of videos, audios, and music, YouTube will do the same.

However, since the latter has a wider base of licensed music, Shorts might prove to be a great rival for TikTok. MSNBC’s Dylan Byers confirmed the news on Twitter soon after The Information released the plans.

Source: TNW

The intention behind YouTube’s Shorts is quite obvious they have seen how TikTok blew up and has now become an important part of pop culture so they want similar shares. In the last two years, TikTok has seen more than 125 percent growth and almost 842 million first time downloads were recorded for both Apple and Google stores over the last 12 months.

YouTube has always been quite competitive about the new features as previously, it introduced stories on the site after Instagram launched it for its own app. Other than that, Facebook has also come up with its own version of TikTok called Lasso and they are testing it in Brazil to see how much hype it receives.

Well, TikTok has certainly impacted the cultural force of this age and companies like YouTube and Facebook wanting to compete in the same market just further reinforces the popularity of the app itself.

Updated April 6, 2020
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