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Effective May 18, 2018

The following Cookie Policy elaborates the how and why of cookie usage by Hayvine, and its parents, subordinates, and affiliates (together, “Hayvine”, “we”, “us” or “our”), on our website, advertisements, applications and related services like emails, newsletters as well as certain affiliates and licensee websites that we don’t operate or own but with them we have contracts. (Collectively, the “Service”).

What are Cookies?

Cookies are basically tiny bits of texts or pieces of information that are downloaded to the devices that you utilize to reach out to the service. Technically, your browser holds these cookies and enable their availability each time you visit a site again. This way it can recognize and recall essential bits of information about you.

Session Cookies are temporarily stored in your browsers or device and they are deleted as soon as you leave the service page.

The cookies that stay in your browser for long are called Persistent Cookies – they stay there till the time of their expiry date or you may delete them. These cookies may be utilized to recall your preferences when you use the service and may benefit by recognizing you on your return to the service. They can elevate your overall experience on the website.

Usage of persistent cookies may be associated with personal information when interacting with the service, for example, when you decide to store your username and link your profile so that you don’t have to enter the credentials the next time you access the site. When this occurs, a persistent cookie is stored on your device and that bridges the information to your account. You can still use this service even if you reject the persistent cookies. However, it will surely limit your access.

**Visit: if you want more information regarding the cookies*

Can My Cookie Preferences Be Changed?

Yes, cookie preferences can be altered or deleted at any time according to your convenience. The method is discussed below in detail.

When you check the browser settings, you will realize that you can accept and limit certain cookies as per your preferences. Majority of the browsers offer operations that permit you to review and eradicate cookies. You can also refer to this guidepost for further information on the commonly used browsers. However, please beware that if these cookies are disabled, you may not be able to use all features of the service.

If you do not wish to permit us to gather the information that can enable us to show advertisements that may be of your interest, you have the option to opt-out. This option is available on the majority of our webpages. You can also change the behavioural advertising cookie preferences by visiting the opt-out page for the Digital Advertising Alliance (U.S. residents & those who’re not living in the EU or Canadian region); the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU residents), or the Digitial Advertising Alliance of Canada (Canadian residents).

Local Shared Objects or Flash Cookies don’t have the ability to change the browser settings. Check out the Adobe website if you wish to receive a comprehensive report on how to delete or disable Flash Cookies. You will not have access to certain features if you choose to disable or reject Flash cookies for the service. For example, areas that require you to sign in or access video content may be prohibited.

The mobile operating system allows you to withdraw from allowing the collection or inspection of information that could be used to generate interest-based advertising. You can refer to the instructions offered by your mobile device’s manufacturer, however, this functionality is most likely available in the “Settings” section of your device. Furthermore, the restriction can be implemented by turning off the data collection option or by uninstalling the application entirely.

Can This Policy Change?

The Cookie Policy can be changed at any time. Therefore, check out the date at the top of this page to discover when this Cookies Policy was last updated. If we alter or revise the Cookie Policy, it will be visible on this page immediately.

How Does Hayvine Utilize Cookies?

Your device’s IP address, the specific browser type, and other information like how and when you visited this website are collected in the form of cookies. Therefore, expect to see your name, email address (if you link it) in the stored Cookies.

What Type Of Cookies Do We Utilize?

Following is a categorized extensive list of cookies. We utilize them to generate interest-based advertisements. Their use and reasoning are discussed comprehensively.

  • 1. Essential Cookies or Stringently Essential Cookies: These cookies are highly significant to the service as they allow the users to navigate smoothly and utilize features with great efficiency. Certain features won’t operate without the prevalence of these cookies. However, be confident as no information regarding your browsing habits is collected by these cookies.
  • 2. Functional Cookies: These are the cookies that recall how you actually like to utilize the service and it enables improved and efficient means of functioning. It permits us to remember your settings and aids us to generate interest-based advertisements. These are persistent cookies which means that the service can recall the information when your device visit the service again.
  • 3. Analytics Cookies: These cookies permit us to improve our services as we collect data of your usage and common practices on our service. We utilize these cookies to make this website more efficient for you. For instance, the Analytics Cookies exhibit statistics that elaborate the frequency of your visited pages on the website. It further helps us record any difficulties that you might face while navigating through the service or show up if our advertising is actually effective or not. Although we can’t identify you personally via the use of this data or cookies, third parties might be capable of.
  • 4. Behavioral Advertising Cookies: These cookies are utilized to deliver related and important advertisements to users both on and off the service. We collect the data and examine the type of pages you like to surf, the products you like to view, and whether or not you click on ads that are provided to you. We may also benefit from the cookies and take an idea about who saw the ad and clicked on it instantly and who didn’t. The goal is to serve you with interest-based ads and collect information that may be shared with third parties. Additionally, our partners may utilize these cookies to establish how you interact with advertisements. We might also collaborate with an associate’s site to show you ads once you visit their website.
  • 5. Third-Party Cookies: Such cookies are operated by third-parties like Twitter, Facebook, and other third-party apps. Some of these third-party apps may utilize cookies on the service in the form of emails or advertisements on other websites. Cookies operated by 3rd parties can be used for monitoring or analyzing. This may also assist in hampering fraudulent or other suspicious activities. To make the navigation user-friendly and enhance experiences some of our 3rd party advertisements and promotions are designed to transmit users’ information automatically onto the landing page of 3rd party when you click on a 3rd party promotion or advertisement. These 3rd party cookies and their use is not controlled by us. Thus, we cannot manage these cookies. The policy only applies to the use of cookies by Hayvine only and doesn’t cover the cookies-use by any 3rd party. These cookies have varied dates of expiration and are not session-based so if you want more information, visit these 3rd party websites for details about the use of their cookies.
  • 6. Flash Cookies: To deliver specially customized videos and animations, we may use Adobe Flash Player in certain cases. Flash Cookies are saved on your devices but are monitored and managed through an interface that is unique from the one provided by your web browser. What this means is that it isn’t plausible to manage Flash Cookies from the browser like in case of other cookies. Instead, you have the option of gaining access to your Flash Management tool through the Adobe website directly. Here’s how you can gain access.
  • 7. Geo-Location Information: Some devices permit applications to access real-time location-based information such as GPS. Hence, some pictures or other content you place on the service may have recorded location information. We use this information to optimize your experience. Additionally, the information that is collected from the device like IP address, may later be used to estimate the location of the device.

Similar Technologies

Apart from Cookies, the service might use similar tracking technologies on the website. For example, Pixel Tags (also known as GIFs or web bugs) web beacons, local storage and eTags can be utilized for this purpose. This helps in serving interest-based ads, and improving the understanding of aspects like visitor behavior, site traffic, and promotional campaigns. Pixel Tags are tiny blocks of code installed in or on a web page, mobile app, or ads, which are also used to transfer data from your service to the third party. Web beacons, on the other hand, are electronic files which permit the website to count users who have visited the service or to gain access to various cookies. Local storage like HTML 5 permits the website to store and retrieve data from the individuals’ device. Finally, eTags are utilized to analyze the trends by our commerce partners and us.

Do Not Track Response

You can click on the “do not track” option to highlight that you don’t wish your online activities to be tracked by the website. However, this option is different from blocking cookies as now your browser might accept cookies but not track them. As of now, there aren’t any permanent methods teaching how companies should respond to the “do not track” signals, but one may expect them in the future. If it is available in the future, the website will renew its Cookie Policy. For more information on this matter, check out

To get more information, read out Privacy Policy here.

We certainly, hope that this policy helps you understand the use of cookies by our service. In case of queries, feel free to reach out to us via email and ensure to include the subject line of Cookie Policy.

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