PFIZER COVID 19 Vaccine Side Effects| Everything Patients Have Experienced So Far And Vaccine’s Intensifying Concerns!

For almost a year, we were praying to get a vaccine for Coronavirus, and now that we have one, it’s made things a bit more complicated!   Two healthcare workers have apparently developed intense reactions just a few minutes after getting the Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine last week. As a result, one of the two staff […]

Face Mask Shortage Alert! Ways To Grab Face Mask During Current Supply Shortage

With the continuous surge in coronavirus cases and another lockdown looming over our heads, it’s no surprise that the personal protective equipment (PPE) has once again been swept off the shelves. As the healthcare system still struggles to fight off the unprecedented challenge of the coronavirus outbreak, many healthcare personnel on the front lines do […]

15 Creative and Proven Ways to Mint Money during Lockdown and Election!

With the continuing surge in Coronavirus cases and another lockdown looming over our heads, we all must explore quick ways to keep our incomes rolling.     The last lockdown hit the economy poorly, but this time, you can hold on to the following ways to not only continue your income but also supplement it. […]

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