The Investigators Looking Into Sexual Harassment Claims against Gov. Cuomo Are Getting Paid As Much As $750 per Hour

The investigators who’re appointed to review the sexual harassment allegation charged against New York Gov. Cuomo are apparently getting paid $750 per hour!Attorney General Letitia James was responsible for hiring these investigators; it happened right after several women made the allegation. According to The Daily News, these investigators have all the power to conduct the investigation— they’re leading the probing as they deem fit. They’ve also acquired internal documents through FOIA requests, which has made the investigations wide open for them and they can use as much power as they want and retrieve whatever information they need. A couple of months ago, several women came forward and accused the governor of inappropriate and sexually harassing remarks, claiming that he has made serious advances towards them. Who are these investigators? Well, it’s the former Acting US Attorney for New York’s Southern District Joon Kim along with discrimination attorney Anne Clark. They’re the ones leading the investigation and questioning the people related to the case. The Daily News has acquired a document that reveals the job description of these investigators and the powers they possess. According to that document, their offices have all the authority to use any of its resources as they deem appropriate to carry out. Both offices will be retained for at least six months, but it’s possible for James to extend his contract - at least, that’s what the report claims!Naturally, they’re charging a hefty amount and are top-level partners on the investigation. They are getting paid $750 per hour. But do you know that even the mid and lower-level partners in the investigation are charging a large sum of money. For instance, the mid-level partners are getting paid $575 per hour whereas the junior-level partners are getting $500. Senior Associates, on the other hand, are receiving $450 and junior associated are getting $325!The investigators are supposed to prepare and deliver weekly reports and keep the First Deputy Attorney General Jennifer Levy in the loop. By the end of this investigation, they’re mandated to come up with a written report that contains all of the finding and conclusions. Since December, Cuomo has experienced many accusations of the same nature, and so it’s essential that they’re taken seriously. The first accusation was from his former aide, who claimed that he harassed her for years.  Her name is Lindsey Boylan, and she said that she worked with him from 2015 till 2018 and in this time she was sexually harassed. She, of course, didn’t get into the sad details. By February, she broke her silence and revealed that Cuomo not only touched her inappropriately but also kissed her without her consent. After the news broke, Cuomo was inquired about it repeatedly, and he defended himself and said that these claims are all false. However, these accusations cannot be taken lightly, because ten other women have come out ever since and raised similar allegations against the governor!Anyway, do like our page on Facebook and get to know more about this case! 

Sibling’s Day 2021| How People Are Celebrating around the World

It’s here! The day to celebrate our inherent frenemies whom we can’t imagine living without! Honestly, if we got a nickel every time our siblings tried to rage a war against us, we would’ve been a billionaire by now. But regardless of our differences, we still love them unconditionally.Agree or not, the sibling bond is one of the most important ones in our lives. There is no other peer relationship that includes shared genes, shared upbringing, shared secrets and so many shared memories.  Many studies show how important is to have siblings for reminiscing (stories of holidays would be so boring without them), companionship, and moral support. Yet there are times when we wish that our brothers and sisters just vanished into thin air, forever! Well, that is just a temporary feeling. Deep down in our hearts, we truly love them and would kill for them.Whether your relationship with your sibling is like the one of TVD’s Salvatore brothers...…or Friends’ Ross and Monica Gellar, you sure want to celebrate a day together with them, and there’s no better time to do this than on National Siblings Day 2021!Today is all about reflecting on the unconditional love you have for the person (or people) with whom you share a parent (or two). Here’s how people are celebrating the National Siblings’ Day 2021 around the world:But before moving on, let’s discuss some interesting facts about the person who introduced this day in the first place. BTW, when is National Siblings’ Day 2021?The Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10th every year. And as the name suggests, the day is meant to honor and celebrate the bond between siblings. This day was introduced by a woman named Claudia Evart after she lost her siblings (a brother and a sister), at young ages. The first ever Siblings Day was celebrated in 1995.The date of April 10th was selected because it is the birthday of Claudia’s sister, Lisette. According to sibling survey, almost 89% of US citizens have brothers and sisters. And the same survey suggests that about 16% of those people described their relationship with siblings as love, support and fun. Whether you like them or not, they are the part of your life and you have to be with them. Here’s how you can celebrate Siblings’ day with your better or worst halves:Post a childhood picture on social mediaRemember the time when you cut your brother’s hair when he was asleep, and he had to go bald because of you? Share that memory with all of your peers and have a good laugh all over again.  Make a TikTok video togetherMobile phones always come in the way of spending quality time with family, but why not use the same technology as a means to enjoy with them? This Siblings’ Day, make a funny TikTok video with your siblings and share it on social media. Order FoodRelive those golden times when you and your siblings used to pitch in for ordering a pizza at midnight. Food has always been an ultimate source of bringing people together and also pushing them apart. That said, this time, keep your close eye on the last pizza slice!Sending your sibling hand-written notes or cardsAnything made with love make for a precious gift! Send your dear brothers and sisters a hand-written card to show them your love. No matter how bad your hand-writing is, just give it a shot. They might like it, who knows? Honestly, hand-written cards are a means of collecting more memories. Let your creative juices flow, think of something that will make this card a memorable one for your sibling: paste a picture, write a funny joke or even a meme; anything that’ll put a smile on your siblings’ face.Have a movie night with themWatching movies together has always been a tradition among siblings. Of course, nobody wants to spoil it for others, so the safe approach is to watch it together or not watch it at all. Anyways, on this sibling’s day, grab some popcorn and have a movie night with siblings. To avoid potential fights, let your parents decide a movie instead. Or if choosing a movie is hard, you can even watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S!Five surprising facts about siblingsOlder the wiserOkay, when people say the ‘older is wiser’ they say it right! According to several studies, the firstborns tend to have an academic advantage over the rest of the siblings. Well, we know that’s unfair but….The younger one is naughtier and funnierAs per a recent survey conducted by Harvard University, the younger ones tend to have a better sense of humor than the older siblings. Sorry, lads, you can beat your little brother up but you can’t beat him in humor! Sibling makes dating easierAccording to a research, having a sibling of the opposite sex makes you more attractive to your partner when dating. Guess your little sister can finally turn out to be useful for you!The younger sibling is shorter, literally!A research involving British families found that in a family having multiple siblings, the younger ones tend to be an inch shorter in height than the rest. Birth orders matter!This is not a coincidence but a recent survey found that if you’re older, you’re most likely to marry an older child, and if you’re a middle-child, the chances are you will likely to marry a middle-child as well! Well, birth orders matter, told ya!So, what are your plans to celebrate National siblings Day 2021? Share them with us in the comment section below. Also, like our Facebookpage to read more content about Siblings Day 2021, funny sibling tattoos, and some interesting facts about National Sibling Day. And for the record, you can’t really make an excuse by saying ‘when is Siblings day?’ when we have already told you in this article. Happy Siblings Day 2021!

20 Mother’s day fails that will make you go ROFL!

There’s no love greater than a mother’s love. She loves you unconditionally with all of your flaws, and no one else could possibly tolerate our constant whining like she does, right?So, as Mother’s Day is around the corner, spoiled kids around the world must be planning to surprise their mothers, assuming they can repay the person who brought them into this world. We mean, come on, even Elon Musk – the world’s richest man – can’t undo the damage he did to his mother’s vagina when he smashed out of it. Okay, let’s just not go there, but you get the point right?There’s nothing in the world that could possibly repay all the blessings our mothers have been bestowing upon us since our birth. And no, that same-old card and a flower combo won’t be enough! Anyways, that brings us to the current burning question: what would be the perfect Mother’s day gift? We know finding the perfect gift for mothers can be tough, especially when you’re so bad at it. We mean, look at these individuals, they tried to make this day special for their mothers but ended up completely ruining it – and that, too, in the most hilarious ways! Honestly, considering the generous, kind, and lovable nature that mothers are generally known for, they don’t even care about these superficial things; all they want is your love, respect and appreciation. And if you’re looking for something to surprise your mother with this year, be sure, be VERY sure, not to include the following ideas while choosing gifts for your mother:Before moving on, we would like to have your opinions on who you think had the worst Mother’s day from the list. So, be sure to pay close attention to it. This kid, who decided to gift her mother a piece of toilet paper taped on another paperSource: Buzzfeed This kid who only has two reasons to love her mother…Source: Buzzfeed These siblings who didn’t believe in taking each other’s suggestion for Mother’s day giftsSource: Buzzfeed This kid who wrote a brutally honest thankyou card for his motherSource: Buzzfeed This kid who decided to save some money on Mother’s day card, and used an engagement card instead.Source: BuzzfeedThis kid who believed that her mother is special because of a very SWEET reasonSource: BuzzfeedThis son who took the entire concept of Mother’s day wrong! This husband who had to give his wife a mother’s day card… because he clearly didn’t have any other option! Well, there are women who deserved to be appreciated for looking after some men-children!Source: Buzzfeed This kid who was clearly not good with words! This kid, who wanted to buy her mother some beer… well, it doesn’t look like beer, dear!Source: Buzzfeed This kid, who’s passionate about gifting her mother a spa day! Well, full points on the intention, though!This son, who stayed up all night, probably celebrating this day with some other woman. This daughter, who clearly has a way with words This Pizza Hut who clearly didn’t understand the point of this day This dedicated son who just couldn’t resist This dad who was just so messed up! So who do you think had a worst Mother’s day? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, check out our Facebook page and find articles on mother’ day 2021 gift ideas, mother day card, happy mother day messages and best mother day gifts. Happy Mother’s Day greetings to all the mothers out there!

Prince Phillip Has Died

Buckingham Palace just announced that Your Majesty the Queen’s husband Prince Philip has died at the age of 99. The couple got married in 1947 which was almost five years before she started her reign as Queen. Prince Philip had four children with Queen and eight grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The Prince was 5 years older than Queen Elizabeth II and he was also the longest-serving British monarch in history. The statement released by Buckingham Palace reads: "It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen has announced the death of her beloved husband, His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. His Royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle."His first son, the Prince of Wales, was born one year after their marriage in 1948, followed by Princess Anne who was born in 1950. Next was the Duke of York and Prince Edward in 1964. Many would want to know when the Prince was born and where. He was born on the Greek island of Corfu in June 10 1921. In fact, he comes from a line of royalty as well as he was the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark. His mother, Princess Alice, was actually the daughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten and a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria!Prince Philip was battling a long withstanding disease as many would know. In addition, he was last seen on a wheelchair on March 16th as he returned to Windsor Castle to stay safe from the coronavirus pandemic.Apparently, he seemed in good spirits at the time and he even waved back at the paparazzi when he entered home for the first time in a month. His Royal Highness wishes to thank all the medical staff who looked after him at both King Edward VII’s Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and everyone who has sent their good wishes. - This was the official statement at the time. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has shown sadness and said that the UK has lost an extraordinary public servant who dedicated his life to the country. He said: “However, he will be remembered most of all for his extraordinary commitment and devotion to The Queen. For more than seven decades, he has been at her side. Their marriage has been a symbol of strength, stability and hope, even as the world around them changed - most recently during the pandemic. It was a partnership that inspired millions in Britain and beyond.”He continued: “My thoughts are with The Queen, the Royal Family and the British people as our nation comes together to mourn and remember the life of Prince Philip.”People from around the world have offering tributes to the duke of Edinburgh!   

Moderna | Covid-19 Vaccine Responsible for Several Side-Effects

The rumors are true: people getting Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are getting more side-effects than the ones getting Pfizer and BioNTech shots. A study was conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention program, through a program that tracks the side effects in vaccine recipients. Basically, in this survey, people who are enrolled were asked to fill out surveys and report back any symptom(s) that they might be feeling one week after receiving the dosage. The symptoms include fatigue, arm pain, etc. A grand total of 3,600,000 people got their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine before February 21st and they all checked in at least once. And do you know what’s shocking to hear? Out of this lot, approximately 70 percent of the people complained of having a reaction on site. Like, they suffered from swelling or chills and some even spoke about regular pains. When you compare the results, 65 percent of people who received Pfizer and BioNTech dosage got reactions, too.  But people who received Moderna complained of having full-body symptoms, and they said that it got pretty serious in terms of the intensity. The gap expanded after the second dose, as 1.4 million people checked-in this time and the reports increased up to 82 percent. Now these people complained about side-effects on site. Interestingly, people of age 65 and above didn’t experience as many side-effects as compared to people below that age bracket. The study, however, didn’t include how severe the symptoms got. Hence, we’re unsure as to which vaccine causes more disruptive effects. Furthermore, people who’re utilizing v-safe may not be able to represent people getting shots. The results might be slightly different, as only 10 percent of people signed up for this program after getting vaccinated. They did manage to find a pattern in the clinical trials, though, including what the common side-effects were and the frequency of those side-effects. This trial helped researchers establish what the side-effects look like on people after receiving the first shot. What are the common symptoms of COVID-19? Do you know that besides getting a cold and cough, you might even get strange skin reactions? A study has revealed that patients suffering from COVID-19 might even get measles like rashes and shingles, which are a bit rare. In fact, 414 cases were found to get delayed skin reactions – the rash became itchy and irritating as reported to health care professionals. These cases were studied in December and February. Of course, no one has experienced life-threatening reactions so far – it’s simply restricted to full-body rash. “People can get full-body rashes, and that can be surprising and a little scary, but these patients did extremely well, recovered and were able to go back and get their second dose. For people whose rashes started four or more hours after getting the vaccine, zero percent of them went on to get anaphylaxis or any other serious reaction. Zero is a nice number." - said Freeman, the Director of Global Health Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital.The delayed skin reactions that were identified in the study appeared seven to eight days after receiving the dosage. Everyone gets different reactions - some get rashes that are more severe in nature, meanwhile others get rashes that aren’t immediate and serious. "People can feel reassured about getting the second dose of their vaccine. Even if you have a pretty impressive rash after the vaccine, as long as it didn't start within four hours of vaccination you should feel comfortable getting the second dose." Anyway, like you can see, skin rashes and allergies are elevating due to Moderna and it’s kind of alarming. For more updates, like our page on Facebook!

Top 8 Mothers’ Day Ads That Will Make You Cry

Mothers’ Day 2021 is just around the corner, and so all online portals are trying to come up with a compelling Happy Mothers’ Day message - something that will hit a nerve with the audience and overwhelm them with emotions. Usually, the media industry tries to sell this wholesome day and capitalize on it as much as they can by coming up with mother’s day gift ideas and mother’s day flowers. We also get to see advertisements, movies, and songs getting released on this special day, as it’s an emotional time and the wicked industry of marketing knows how to play with sentiments. Anyway, this Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to compile a list of global advertisements that have moved us. Mothers are a symbol of nurturance and sacrifice. They do so much for their children, bear so much pain, and are majorly responsible for making a human being decent. And so, when you give an ode to such a significant person, you go big or you go home. Most importantly, to make a heart-warming mother’s day ad, you need to be in touch with your emotions and realize the aura a mother carries. A person who gives birth to you should be considered the closest thing you have to God. But hey, looking from the perspective of advertising and marketing, you don’t always need to follow the same path; you can be quirky and fun as well!Let’s go through 8 of the most heartwarming mother’s day ads that struck a chord with us!"Dear Mom" | Mother's Day 2020 Hallmark Gold Crown CommercialIn this ad, mothers who take care of children with disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders are admired. You can’t even come close to the pain and love they have for their children - they carry these babies for months in their bellies, nurture them, accept and love them when no one else does, and empower them with a voice (in whatever capacity they can)! Mother's Day Short Film- I'll Love You ForeverOkay, this one is not an ad. It’s a short film that encompasses the entire lifespan of a mother and child bond. It’s beautiful and will make your heart melt. Warning: There will be a few tears shed. Beautiful Ad By Swiggy On Mother's Day | Happy Mothers Day | This ad clearly shows that nobody cares for you as much as your mother does. She looks after your needs even before you realize you have them. This Indian ad is beautifully pictured and it’s got a light-hearted feel to it as well.Mother's Day 2017 - Ad - ConvoThis is an ode to all the superwomen out there - forget Iron Man and Batman, your mothers are the real heroes who carry you through the wind and protect you in times of crisis. They’re the umbrella in the storm and the knight in shining armors when you’re stuck and in need of help. No one can multitask like mothers, and this ad is a testament to that!Happy Mother's Day from Denver7Another ad that shows how much your mother thinks about you - you’re literally their entire world. How annoyed do you get when you don’t have the time to make breakfast or when you’re simply forgetful of things? But who worries about it at all when you’ve got moms to cover for you? P&G 'Thank You, Mom' Campaign Ad: "Strong" (Rio 2016 Olympics)Mothers are supportive, and that support often becomes the reason behind your success. Whatever you are, wherever you are in the world, all credit goes to the mothers who literally empower you and carry you to the top. If it wasn’t for their support and unconditional love, we wouldn’t be anywhere or anybody. This ad is beautiful and brilliantly captures their role in our life.Celebrate Mother’s Day with Pandora: Thanks for always being thereSometimes, all you need is the presence of your mother, because that’s all that’s required in life to feel motivated and loved. And this ad literally captures the essence of that relationship by simply thanking them for their existence. Sport Chek Mother's Day ad featuring Meaghan MikkelsonThis ad is dedicated to the mothers who know what it takes to be great - better than the world wants you to be. This ad is a reminder of how important their presence is. Hope you liked the list, and if you do, please show these ads to your mums and like our page on Facebook!   

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