Most Hilarious Christmas Fails

  • POSTED ON: 22/Dec/2020

Best Christmas fails.

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but also of reflection. What do we ever mean by that? Well, you see, every year we try our best to make Christmas as pleasant as possible. Not just for us but for everyone around us.

We decorate our houses and our streets; we pick out presents for our family and friends and we do everything in our power to make it the best Christmas ever.

And then life happens!

Something or the other goes wrong and we become the laughingstock of the year. While it might be tough on us, at least other people get to enjoy it on our behalf.

Hey! There’s no need to feels so gloomy. Sit, grab a cup of coffee, put a cozy blanket on your lap and go through this list of some of the most hilarious Christmas fails ever. This will make you feel a lot better about yourself. While you’re going through the list, maybe you can also reflect on what went wrong with your efforts and how can you make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Christmas Present Oopsie!

One of our all-time favorite Christmas fails is this one. When picking out presents for your family, you sometimes get so engrossed with it that you get them the most perfect one ever. How is that a bad thing, you say? Well, it’s so perfect and they loved it so much that they already got it for themselves. And what’s worse is that they’re wearing it when opening your present.

Noel’s Cousin Has Come to Play

When you’re planning some sort of screening for your Christmas party, it might be a good idea to run it by somebody you trust first. Some special things to look out for are SPELLINGS. While some people might find Christmas fail extremely hilarious, others might go like Nowell or Noel, we get what it means and that’s what matters.

An XMAX Wish 

Children spend their entire year trying to come up with the perfect present to ask for from Santa, but does the perfect Christmas even exist? Oh, maybe it does. This Arizona resident knows exactly what it is. And if Santa has decided to giveaway divorce papers as a present, we hope this person gets one and whatever they’re going through gets easier for them.

A Makeup Lesson Sounds Good

One of the cutest yet the most hilarious Christmas fails and funny accidents is this tweet. Maybe Santa should’ve filmed a special makeup tutorial for this little angel as well. While others might think this is a fail, we think it’s the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. Would you just look at that ocean blue eyes!

Super Minimalist Tree

We’re all for minimalist decorations. Trust us when we say, we’re great believers in less is more. But how less, is the question here? All that is required for a minimalist Christmas tree is a fresh-cut cone and a few dazzling Christmas ornaments, but having a tree is a mandatory requirement! Can you even see the tree here? This is just sad.

Underwear Decorations

Maybe this is just an innocent mistake, maybe it’s not. Either way, it is one of the most hilarious Christmas fails we’ve come across and it has us in fits of laughter. Whatever town this is, they’ve got some serious discussions to have.

A Creepy Display 

We love bears, don’t get us wrong but is this supposed to be cute, scary, or funny? The only thing this decoration display has managed to do is give us the creeps. Maybe the plan is to keep starring at you till you’re scared, and you become a good person till the next Christmas.

What Do the Gifts Say?

Presents speak volumes and if you’re also getting a lot of shampoo and soaps as Christmas gifts this year, just know that better hygiene is in demand. It’s not you, it’s COVID-19.

Getting the Wrong Present

Impressing children can be hard, don’t worry. Chances are most parents have gone through this and have disappointed their child just like these two. No need to beat yourself up, we’re pretty sure little Tim will start playing with this very spiderman plushie the moment you’re not looking.

Spell Check Please

Is it wrap or is it rap? Why do we even need the w in wrap if it doesn’t do anything? Well, you can always choose to omit it out, because all we care about are the presents that you’re “raping.” We do hope they’re actual presents, not songs.

It’s lit!

Christmas comes with all kinds of amazing sales on all our favorite items so no one feels left out, not even the people who love setting things and places on fire. Whoever is in charge of this store’s marketing strategy needs to go back to school for a lesson or two on how not to promote criminal behavior, especially arson.

Bell Shaped Bells, Wow!

This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen, bell-shaped bells exist, who knew right? Now we can put them up on our Christmas tree shaped Christmas tree, where we’ll open presents shaped presents on Christmas day.

Christmas Tree Reese’s

What do you mean it’s just a blob! If you look at it closely, put your right hand on your right eye, and your left hand on your left eye, it does look like an actual Christmas tree. Don’t believe us, maybe you should try it yourself.

We bet you’re laughing out loud just like us. Now that you’ve gone through this hilarious list of Christmas fails and funny’s, you must be feeling a little bit better about whatever it was that you did to become the laughingstock in your family.

What? These Christmas fails don’t come close to what happened with you? Wow, now we’re curious. Please share your biggest Christmas fail with us on our Facebook page.

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