Firefly Lane: Kate Will Not Forgive Tully For Doing ‘This’ To Her!

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  • POSTED ON: February 8, 2021


is the Netflix’s latest drama-comedy series that has been grabbing plenty of
attention online since its February 3rd premiere. The drama series
stars Katherine Heigl (Tully) and Sarah Chalke (Kate) as best friends who have
been looking out for each other through thick and thin ever since they were 14
years old.

An epic portrayal of female friendship is based on the novel
of the same name, written by Kristin Hannah.

Their 3 decades of friendship inevitably creates plenty of
drama, which features a whirlwind of emotions, involving romance, heartaches,
grief, motherhood and miscarriage.

However, nothing in Firefly
season 1 is as dramatic and insane than its ending! The season 1
leaves viewers with a cliffhanger, which have many questioning the core aspect
of the show: friendship between the characters.

Before moving forward, be aware that they are major spoilers
of the show ahead. If you haven’t watched the show yet, it’s advised to stop
reading further… Come back to our blog once you’ve watched all the ten episodes
of the Netflix’s latest series!

The final sequences of the season take us to the day of
funeral (the show maintains the deceased identity as a mystery till the end) and
it turns out that it’s the funeral of Kate’s dad.

The final episode of the season reveals that Kate and Tully
are no longer friends. The best friends, who have been looking out for each
other since childhood, have apparently gone through something terrible in the
interceding years that force them to put an end to their friendship.

What happened to their friendship? What did Tully do to
Kate? What caused the rift between the childhood friends? Here are all your
questions answered:

did Tully do to Kate?

Before the final episode, we have seen their friendship
surviving through several obstacles. Despite having plenty of differences, the
duo manages to find a common ground and stick with each other no matter what.
The endless support is present throughout regardless of their poles apart
personalities. It almost felt like there’s nothing that can break their
valuable bond…

But something happened in the season 1 finale, which left
fans wondering what Tully did to Kate. The flash forward scenes of Firefly Lane season 1 suggest that Tully
has done something terrible to Kate because of which they aren’t on talking

A quick recap: Tully arrives at the funeral to pay her
respect to Kate’s dad. She tries to talk to Kate, but she refuses. Kate’s
expressions clearly indicate that she is not comfortable with her presence. The
reason behind their split isn’t revealed, but it’s something that even her
longtime best friend can’t forgive her.

So, what is it that Kate will not forgive? Has she slept
with Johnny? But that won’t be a case because she did that already in the 80s… Has
she slept with Travis? Did she kill someone close to Kate? Honestly, we don’t
know yet!

Only the sequel of Firefly
can answer all of our questions. Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the series
for season 2, though. But we do hope that season 2 will soon come to our
screens to reveal the reason behind Tully’s betrayal.

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Updated February 8, 2021
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