‘The Great Conjunction ’|The Most Viral and Beautiful Picture of Saturn and Jupiter Captured by a Cameraman during the Cricket Match!

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  • POSTED ON: December 21, 2020

Say Star of bethlehem 2020!

The world awaited the
beautiful sight of The Great Conjunction – the meet up of Jupiter and Saturn on
the cloudy sky. It has been the talk of the town for a couple of days, and we
believe it was worth the anticipation!

The Conjunction between
the giant planets (Saturn and Jupiter conjunction) was the most talked about event of December as it also
clashed with Winter Solstice 2020. Scientists and astrology fans were all ready with
their binoculars to catch the magnificent display of the two planets but one cameraman successfully caught the most viral picture while filming the New Zealand and Pakistan cricket match!

Solstice, as you know, is the shortest day of the year. And when the Great
Conjunction 2020 coincided with Winter Solstice, the day became somewhat

Here’s the meaning, traditions and celebrations of Winter Solstice 2020!

After much
anticipation, 21st December arrived and we got to witness the
miraculous sight! It is being reported that the last time this sight was viewed
in the sky, it was almost two decades ago, and the next time we’ll get the fortune of witnessing such a miracle again will be in the year 2080. Here are the five shocking facts about this Christmas Star!

Hence, it
was kind of an important moment for all of us. Furthermore, it must be realized
that the size of the union is being compared to the union that occurred in the
17th century as it’s humongous and extraordinary!

Do you know what that
means? The two planets were so close to one another that they almost collided?
The almost-union is being compared to the one that happened 367 years ago – in
Galileo’s era!

So where did we catch
the beauty? Well it was during the second T20 match between New Zealand-Pakistan on Sunday at the Seddon Park in Hamilton! The image of The Great
Conjunction was captured by a cameraman in the skyline.

It was then tweeted by FlashScore Cricket Commentators’ team and they captioned it this: “Jupiter and Saturn can be
seen from Seddon Park, but the stars/planets don’t appear to be aligning for
Pakistan today.”

Speaking of which, the Twitter community sparked another trail of Black Superpower memes, check out here!

Of course,
the image went viral in a matter of minutes! And about the match? Well, New
Zealand won by 09 wickets.

The picture
of Saturn and Jupiter was captured during the 10th over during New
Zealand’ innings. And we can all agree from the photo the cameraman pulled out,
the Jupiter Saturn conjunction 2020 was a magnificent sight just like these closest pictures of Sun released by NASA! Did you catch the glimpse yourself? 

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Updated December 21, 2020
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